On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

@Tragically Ludicrous Yes. I laugh-cringed when she suggested a slice of cheese and an apple to substitute for pizza.

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On Nazi Bride School in the '30s: "Women must be the spiritual caregivers and the secret queens of our people"

All my morbid fascinations rolled up in to one!

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On Couples Therapy

@splendorofmorgan Couples therapy (paired with individual therapy) helped tremendously in my relationship. We still have different approaches to conflict resolution, but therapy helped us to unpack and better understand them. But to corroborate @chevyvan's point, neither of us had a foot out of the door when we started - it was more like, shit, there is some stuff that needs to be worked out before we can confidently commit our lives to other another. (Admittedly, the couples I've known who have gone into therapy already publicly acrimonious didn't find much success with it.)

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@stuffisthings Totally disgree with your stance on ketchup, but I will give you all the thumbs up for a Piss Christ reference.


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On Marry Your Computer

@Amphora I'm marrying a guy from OKC in December! We talked online for like, a week, and then our first "date" was meeting at a bar at 11:30pm on a weeknight, getting super wasted, and sloppily boning on his air mattress. True love!

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On Interview With an International Adoptee

I really like you, Layne.

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On The BRCA Gene, Our Mother, And Our Insurance Plans: A Chat Between Sisters

@alloverthemap Agreed! I saw a genetic counselor at 24 (I was still covered by my parents' health insurance, thanks Obamacare!) and it was really so valuable. I would totally recommend it to anyone with a significant family history of cancer and health insurance.

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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

@cosmia @SaraDances I chose to get tested for BRCA after my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. This sounds totally fucked up, but I was slightly (and temporarily) upset when the results came back negative - I suppose I felt like getting a positive result would enable to me to proactively manage the situation. Instead, I learned that I have a moderately elevated risk of ovarian cancer (like 12-18%), which is just a little factoid that gets to rattle around in the back of my brain for all time. Anyway, genetic testing is hugely complex thing that everyone is entitled to their own personally irrational thoughts about!

Also, to echo the obvious child, there are options available other than immediate preemptive surgery. My hairstylist is a BRCA-positive lady in her 20s, and she's chosen to get semiannual gynecological exams, annual intravaginal ultrasounds, and mammograms starting at 30, which her insurance covers because of her genetic predisposition. She and her doctor have agreed to consider a mastectomy or ovariectomy when she hits her 40s (post-kids), but treatment options are expected to improve a lot by then, too!

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On The Least Appealing Foods I’ve Eaten in Eight Years of Travel Writing


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On The Insecurity Pie

@Verity One time I took my truly horrible MIL to the zoo and she somehow managed to shit herself as we were walking around. I felt deeply sympathetic for about 30 seconds, until I realized it was karma manifested.

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