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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

When I tried the Nuvaring, I ended up in the ER. I had chest pains and migraines so bad that I kept fainting. It was hell.

But I have been using the calendar method for most of my adult life, with no surprise pregnancies. You just never hear about the calendar method because it's FREE.

The website http://www.cyclespage.com uses data that I enter to predict which days I'll be ovulating. It sends me an email right before I ovulate, and right before I'm going to get my period. I can even look at my personal calendar when I plan trips, so I know when I'll probably feel too crampy/bloated to get into a bathing suit! :) It's super convenient.

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

To person #1, I identified with you so much! My bosses give me zero training and guidance when I want it (before I start a project). Instead, they critique and suggest changes to projects after I've finished them. The end result is that everything I do is hurriedly, frantically re-written right before (or after!!) its deadline, after I've finally gleaned what their vision actually was.
Megan is right: "Most humans are far better at criticizing an existing piece of work than visualizing what they want from scratch. So that particular stressor is probably never going away." The trick is learning what questions to ask up front. Still makes me want to flip a table sometimes though!

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On On Quickie Weddings and Frustrating Fantasies

Oh gosh, Question #1! I'm right there with you. I'm 32 --and I make a great living and have great friends and I'm smart, godammit-- but somehow, unintentionally and despite all that, I found myself falling in love with drug addicts and thieves. It was hell. Then, suddenly, I found the perfect man. Objectively speaking, he is perfect. I've never been happier, more in love and more grateful. You'd think I'd be happy -- but instead, I'm being like you. I feel like I won't be happy until I nail this one down. I want to marry him--yesterday! So yes, it's a good reminder that he can still be perfect and I can still love him while we get to know each other. I guess my past baggage has left me with a feeling of panic, and I'm looking to marriage as a way to calm myself down. But if he really is perfect for me, he's not going anywhere... (I still want to marry the heck out of him, though!)

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On Why Aren't We on OKCupid?

@di ha ha ha! The beer and cycling! Oh gawd, I am so tired of dating cyclist beer enthusiasts!!

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On Why Aren't We on OKCupid?

I have observed the following on OKC:

1. The guys I met there wouldn't pay for anything. Maybe it was just the dozen or so guys I happened to go out with (MAYBE). But I can't help but draw the conclusion that guys who opt for a free site, instead of a paid one like Match.com, are cheapskates.

2. I am 31 years old and don't feel old. Apparently, I am old on OKC because several guys initiated conversation with me by commenting on the fact that I am "an older woman," that they hoped I was into "young guys" (when meanwhile they were like 28...c'mon), or they outright asked me if I was a "cougar."

3. The guys I met there ended up being genuinely crazy. Like one who flipped shit and accused me of "betraying" him because, after just five G-rated dates with him, I was still talking to other guys. Or the one who I had to dump about a hundred times and still kept showing up at my house. Or the one who requested my Facebook friendship so he could immediately use his status to make fun of me.

But I did meet one really good friend on that site. In all fairness.

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

I love this story! Some people just have that magnetism. Say what you will (actually, don't! I couldn't bear it!) but Eddie Vedder has it, too. He's kind and gentle and he stares directly into your eyes, giving you a long, sincere moment. I've stood in lines with crazed fans and Eddie, bless him, does his best to respond to their yips and screams with thoughtful, articulate and always gracious replies. And he has nice hands too.

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On Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

To the woman who received a Victoria's Secret card...Six years ago, items from my Amazon.com wish list started appearing in my mail: books, DVDs, and then an iPod. Despite my friends' horrified objections (they were sure I had an Internet Predator), I sent a post card of thanks to the sender. That's how I met a nice, well-to-do person with who routinely grants wishes to strangers. It turned out that while I was not the first person to receive surprises, I was the first person to ever respond with a simple thank you. This sincerely kind person and I are now pen pals, and I'm so glad we met. Just sayin'.

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