a shoddy bomb casing filled with used pinball-machine parts

On Better Security Questions

these are all great. my least-favorite is when sites ask "favorite color"--because I'm a goddamn adult, & accordingly I don't have a favorite color anymore.

(the best are when you can write your own. I was able to recover the years-old password for my alma mater's employment page because I still remembered the inside joke I repurposed as a security question.)

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On A Cool Hip Writer Who Has Definitely Had Sex Profiles Cameron Diaz

@Katie McCarthy@facebook yes. & I especially love that this installment portrays Cameron Diaz about as accurately as I can imagine--initially willing to roll with the weirdness, but quickly fed up.

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On "Too Many" Straight Friends, Hiding Your Sex Tools, and Life in the Queer Lane

@muddgirl yeah, but I get hives at the thought of my parents encountering an entire box of my "sex stuff."

then again, when they visited our new apartment for the first time, one of the very first thing my mother did was throw open the bedroom closet to see how big it was, so...

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On The Best Time I Worked At Hot Dog On A Stick

I can't hear the name of that restaurant without thinking of the Eels song "Grace Kelly Blues": "The kid in the mall works at what dog on a stick / His hat is a funny shape his heart is a brick / Taking your order he will look away / He doesn't have a thing to say." sad that that song will be anachronistic now.

also, I as well got a late-adolescent navel piercing with the help of a (slightly) older friend. sadly, my job back then was cashiering at Kohl's, & my unbreakable habit of letting merchandise slide against my stomach as I was putting it into bags didn't work well with that new accoutrement. (RIP, nonvolleyball's bellybutton ring, 2002–2002.)

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On Stories Like Passwords

"An abusive relationship is a closed loop. So is a professional network. So is the patriarchy."

...that floored me (& it takes a lot for a line to stand out in this generally flawless piece). thank you.

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On Lessons My Closet Taught Me

I'll admit, I started reading this rolling my eyes a little at the description of your big closet, thinking it'd be superficial fashion porn. but it wasn't, & I'm glad I stayed--I'm a nostalgic clothes-hanger-onto too, & this was a really great read.

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On Carry That Weight: The Revival of Feminist Performance Art

this is amazing. I'm so impressed by Sulkowicz, & I'm grateful to have learned more about her work in its broader art-historical/activism context.

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On Book Titles, Answered

this is delightful. (poor Waldo.)

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On The Best Time I Watched My Doctor Examine My Stool Sample

@jillygagnon@twitter ohhhhhhhh my gawwwwwwwwd this was amazing & also all too real. I did hard time in the hospital after my appendix ruptured & by far the most (least) awesome part of that whole ordeal was regularly having to poop in a toilet-mounted stool-collection thingie colloquially called "the hat." I wasn't really eating solid foods either, so it was a disgusting nightmare, & I frequently had to warn people away from the bathroom because the nurses hadn't come to get it yet. #TeamShowinYerPoopToDoctors (I'm glad you're okay! & yes, antibiotics are the worst. eat yogurt.)

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On Dumb

@kellyography not being able to talk normally is the WORST. everything you'd normally say gets evaluated w/r/t the cost/benefit of pain, & it ends up altering your whole personality. (but then again, that phenomenon gave us these comments, so yay? I'm excited about this series!)

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