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By Mary Ellen Kirkendall@facebook on Logan Echolls Syndrome, Cohabitation Power Politics, and The Girlfriend Label

One rule of thumb that the first letter writer might consider is that if the same thing keeps happening and YOU are the thing in common, the cause is probably you. The thing to think about is why you set yourself up for these situations. Maybe picking crazy women makes you feel powerful and sane. Maybe you don't feel valuable enough to insist on appropriate behavior. Maybe you confuse anxiety with lust (surprisingly easy to do). QC has a point. Ask your friends.

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By de Pizan on The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

Confirming once again that Wal-mart is awful.

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By ejcsanfran on The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

"Mother-in-laws"? Oof...

Yes, I know - I am the worst. But I'll still be purchasing your book, if that's any consolation.

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By stonefruit on Costumes

A of all, your grandmother is/was a monster.

B of all, 9-year-old me is jealous that you managed to eat the entire thing of those biscuits. My mom thought I was so weird for wanting to eat the dough, and she was pretty sure it wasn't something that was healthy for me, so I was only allowed the tiniest snippets! Why is that stuff so tasty, even raw?

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By lalaladododo on Costumes


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By does it need saying on Costumes

I'm glad I made it through to the end. The end was worth the read.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on The Fairpayettes

This is the first time I've ever read something about an actual individual NFL cheerleader. They're usually voiceless. I'm glad she's speaking up.

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By de Pizan on The Fairpayettes

Ugh, that's awful (the treatment and unfair pay that is, not the lawsuit).

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By adorable-eggplant on The Fairpayettes

More power to her! Litigation is such an important aspect of enforcing fair labor practices, and really civil rights in general, but it's a hard road to travel. I hope the suit goes well and that they can get some restitution.

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By Jaya on The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

Oh my god thank you for this. I am getting married soon and I cringe every time I see this stuff specifically marketed to flaunt your engagement, a period that normally lasts less than a year!

A girl I know just changed her Facebook cover photo to say "He stole my heart so I'm stealing his name" and I wanted to barf.

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