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On "She wasn’t born Toni Morrison. She had to become that person."

@Anna Fitz ...okay, I've now read it, & you're right--that was fantastic.

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On "She wasn’t born Toni Morrison. She had to become that person."

@Anna Fitz thank you!! added to my reading list (I love good Chappelle profiles almost as much as I love good Morrison profiles).

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On "She wasn’t born Toni Morrison. She had to become that person."

wow, that was a great profile (& I say that as someone who's read a LOT of Toni Morrison profiles).

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On Selected Recent Google Searches And Their Meaning

oh man, woe betide anyone who decides to write a biography of me based on my google history. (also, this is great.)

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@SBGBlogs I have at least one friend whose Mirena acclimation was instantaneous, but for me it took a while longer, & I still get something at least vaguely period-like once a month after having it for several years.

the body-acne thing sounds like it's an issue with the hormones though. have you tried Paragard? it can make your periods heavier (with bonus cramping for some people) but if you're already having spotting/periods that might not matter much, & since it's hormone-free it might be better in terms of your skin.

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On Formative Sexperiments

@retrvertigo aside from the fact that I'm slightly older than you, I could've typed this exact same comment verbatim. human-Beast is SO UGLY, but beast-Beast can get it.

& while we're airing our formative crushes: I distinctly remember preparing to rewatch The NeverEnding Story as a 19-year-old & being excited about witnessing the hotness of Atreyu once again...only to be HORRIFIED by the fact that HE IS A CHILD. my memory of him was as, like, a sexy older man (because that's how a 13-year-old seems when you're 6). it was super gross/disappointing.

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On A Yeezy for all Seasons

I have Very Strong Associations with Through the Wire that would probably take it to #1 for me, & while I may have minor quibbles with some of her other rankings, Ms. Johnston & I generally have very similar tastes in Yeezy.

but I'm shocked--shocked!--that she mentioned tracks from GOOD Music, but not "To the World," which is definitely one of my favorite badass anthems. (to be fair, I don't know the rest of GOOD Music, but I have a hard time believing those other songs could possibly touch the glory that is a Kelly/Kanye Chi-town collabo.)

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On "Rebounding," Internet Dating, and Oppressive Monogamous Conditioning

this is the second column in a row where I've gone to the Hairpin earlier in the day hoping for a new AQC, gotten disappointed that there wasn't one, & then seemingly magically willed a the latest installment into existence. if that's my superpower, I'll take it.

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On First Date Mad Libs

combine this with my deep commitment to only using filthy &/or absurd words for Mad Libs, & you've basically got a StraightWhiteBoysTexting generator.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: How Was Your Summer?

I've been waiting to get on a real computer to experience this properly after I saw it pop up on my phone, & I kept forgetting. but--belatedly--congrats! & oh my god, this made me excited for summer again.

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