On A Love Letter to the Postal Service

As I push towards 40, I find myself more and more defensive about the groups I loved in my 20's, when I actually had the time and disposable income, and energy to love new music.
I mean why listen to some young jerks in tight pants when Radiohead's 'OK Computer' and Bad Religion's 'Suffer' where the best albums ever made and will never be topped?

I have become that which I hated in my youth. An old man who clings to his youth.

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On Vatican Offers Reduced Purgatory Sentencing for a Pope Francis Follow

@NymeriaTFP Also, this is all Biblically accurate. Just read the Gospel of @Matthew_apostle

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On Vatican Offers Reduced Purgatory Sentencing for a Pope Francis Follow

My Pope fanfic tumblr page is going get me some serious purg time off my sentence.

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On ERMAHGERD, More College Admissions Essay Prompts

500 words answering the question "Do you even lift, bro?"

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On In Search of a Better Definition of Bro

@robotosaur Is this still the case? I'm thinking Avett Brothers? House music? Lemon flavored beer? I think all of these can be used to lure out the true bros.

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On Welcome Home

@iceberg I googled it as well. The first result had a "message to the haters", so I only became more confused.

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On Introducing the "Girlfriend Zone"

@stuffisthings I am a Dad, and I'm trying to figure out what a 2 Chainz is.

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On If Justin Bieber Were to Have Sex in Space

"What if you blacked out at a party and blacked back in to find yourself having sex with Justin Bieber in a "Snuggle Tunnel" on a commercial space plane? "

Pilot, set a course for the sun. Just fly directly in.

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On All Analyze the Queen

@hallelujah I guess my thought is that fighting for the right to make that choice is feminist. Michelle Duggar is probably not a feminist because she is a member of a religous sect that believes women need to be Christian and pump out babies for a god's army.

Of course, I'm a guy without standing to talk about feminism.

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On All Analyze the Queen

@par_parenthese It seems strange for a movement that came from a place where women were told what to think and how to act can turn around and demand other women think and act a certain way.
Your only feminist cred should come from being a woman in a way that makes you happy.

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