On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@fondue with cheddar ahaha I was waiting for someone to mention them. I'm going to my 4th Counting Crows concert later this month.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I just stood up at my desk and applauded.

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On Remembering Lilith: Jewel

I sang 'You Were Meant For Me' in the shower this morning and not even this article will make me feel ashamed!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend

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On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

@MissMushkila Frye's TOTALLY makes wide calf boots. I always screw up linking to things, but you can easily find them on zappos (I've been lusting after the Veronica wide calf's for YEARS)!

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On Are You Sure You Know How to Wash Your Face?

@City_Dater "television-approved-sun-salutation" made me laugh preeeeeetty hard

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On "Something of a desperate housewife" with "something like a sickness"

@bb The radio thing has me thinking Seacrest for some reason. Or MAAAAAYBE Dr. Drew? But she seems too young for that to be right.

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

@Brunhilde I was Velma 2 years ago and Daria last year, and I've determined that people only figure these out if you do it as a group (someone else as Shaggy, etc.). Otherwise they're all, "What's with the red and orange?"

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On Things I Cannot Do With a 3D iPhone Case

THAT'S MY OLD CASE! Now I alternate between rhinestone zebra and rhinestone leopard print cases. I thought I would catch a lot of shit at work, but it seems to bring a lot of joy to and admissions of jealousy from my coworkers. For the record, I could still put my phone in my back pocket with that case, but maybe the author wears tighter jeans than me?

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On The Newsroom's Most Recent Crimes Against Women

@rbrtposteschild I can't say for sure obviously, but this isn't the first time he's done a storyline like this (see: Sports Night episode 'Mary Pat Shelby'), so I would say it's more likely just a case of Sorkin ripping himself off again.

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