On Mad Men: “I Know How I Want You to See Me”

I didn't think Betty was putting Francine down. I think she was generally interested and showing her own insecurities. Her "aren't they supposed to be the reward" came off more sarcastic then earnest. Her and Francine always had a relationship where they rolled their eyes at their circumstances. I think she was trying to justify her choices to herself more than slam Francine's.

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On Sex and the City of Wonder

@elizabeast I still stand by it. Reading that article made me want to go home and power through the entire series in one sitting. However, as I've gotten older, Carrie has become more infuriating.

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On Never-Complainers, Workaholics, and the Balding-and-Manly

@AllisonWonderland Completely! My boyfriend works for big law, mid size market and typically pulls 10-12 hour days. I'm an 8-5er government attorney. Ultimately, you have to set boundaries. I don't care that while I go to the gym and run errands on Saturday, he works, but I make it clear when plans are set in stone. Sometimes, this means he works times when I would I prefer to have him commenting on reality TV with me. You make it work. Despite the fact that I would rather drill my eyeballs then do the type of work he does, he is actually passionate about it, which helps me to be more forgiving with his work schedule. I also cherish alone time.

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

@fleurdelivre This world needs more magical elixirs. I also have a tattoo that I got to get closure after my good friend's death, and while I don't regret the tattoo, and enjoy having a visible memory of her, it definitely didn't resolve any feelings. I also have an elephant I got when I was 18. I don't regret it. It's not visible unless I'm in a two piece (they are both on my lower stomach), but I probably wouldn't rush to get one if I could do it all again. My advice- you probably won't regret it because they become like birth marks after awhile, but I probably wouldn't be so ambivalent about mine if weren't always covered. Talk to me after a pregnancy and we'll see how I feel about 'em.

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On The Best Time I Called in to a Radio Advice Show

@selkie86 I HATE Kim Iverson. Worst advice ever and constantly relies on large generalizations about gender and race, but justifies it because she's Asian. She used to be on around 8pm, and I would listen to her on the way home from the gym and just rage.

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