On Friday Open Thread

@Cat named Virtute You're not a disaster! Things always go wrong at one point or another, and it seems like you're taking steps to make things better. Don't be so hard on yourself! You're doing all that you can do, and what you are doing is awesome.

Also: period from hell! That shit is not a joke. Eat some ice cream, take a nap, watch reruns in bed, maybe in a few days that horrible defeatist fog will clear a little.

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On Friday Open Thread

@phipsi Ooh, my fave is oat bran. I keep it everywhere: home, work, the car! add some water in a bowl, 2 mins in the microwave, plop of pb on top with whatever fruit you've got lying around, and voila! Full for hours!

Also good: that "overnight oatmeal" stuff if you have time the night before. 1 part regular oats with 1 part yogurt and 1 part milk, overnight and then delicious! This will last a few days, not just overnight.

Strawberries and cottage cheese! Homemade egg muffin things with a microwave poacher and a piece of cheese! I love cheese!

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On Friday Open Thread

Ugh, I'm presenting at a conference next weekend (anyone here going to Evolution?), and as a late-stage masters-y person I am feeling awful and horrible about my research. I've spent so much time on this and it still sucks! Why did I sign up for this? I'd rather pet my cats. Blech, blah, etc.

Maybe I should put lots of animations in my powerpoint to make the audience miserable too. Heh.

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On Kerry, What's in Your Closet?

@TheShe Yeah, there are *so many* umbrellas. But I hate umbrellas so I'm one of those weird hood people. The upside of being a hood person is that you don't have to carry or remember an umbrella. The downside of being a hood person is that you have to shield your eyes from ALL THE POINTY UMBRELLAS! Ugh, I miss Vancouver, but I do not miss getting off of the bus and worrying for my eyesight.


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On Their Mouths Were Throwing Up on Their Party Clothes

@Bitterblue YES. I hate the use of 'hipster' nowadays too! It's associated with such a broad spectrum of things that it no longer means anything. Kinda like indie rock!

I maintain that anyone who insists on calling others 'hipsters' are themselves hipsters or wannabe hipsters. Which is to say, I do it to annoy them. The word means nothing!

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

@packedsuitcase I'm going to have to differ in opinion with you there - in fact, the people I know with the most tattoos have the least self confidence, and need the attention that they get from others in order to validate themselves.

Meh! Probably lots of types of people get lots of tattoos and our samples are just on either side of the spectrum...

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On Three-Way Tie for Bronze

@Emmanuelle Cunt Ahh, I just casually read it at work! Don't do what I did! Great piece, but now my faith in humanity is shattered and there's still 6 hours left in the workplace. :/

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On Moral MASH: Philosopher, Judge, Angel, Teacher, Enforcer, or Guardian?

@heliotropegerbil8 Ugh, I had the same problem! I spent more time trying to figure out an applicable career than I did answering the questions! Even like, "environmental" or something would have been useful!

Also a Guardian here!

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On I Drank the Kool-Aid, and It Was Juice

@LauraRebecca Okay, am I the only one who tried to roast kale and it ended up tasting like cinders? It wasn't burned, but just had the consistency of newspaper that has burned up but still maintains its cindery papery shape? I was looking for crunch, and it did not deliver.

So did I do it wrong? Because lettuce popcorn sounds amazing.

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On Depends What You Mean by "No"

@nyikin YES. Ugh. Except in my case it's *counting tiny things forever* or procrastinating. Grad school! :/ Ugh.

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