By Hot Doom on Friday Open Thread

I just turned in my MA dissertation! I turned it in two weeks late and had to submit mitigating evidence to show that I was too depressed to write it all summer, so I technically don't know if the late penalty will be removed, but now it's finallllyyyy innnnn! Agh, 15,470 words is no longer a monkey on my back and it feels so good :)

Posted on September 21, 2012 at 5:37 pm 10

By lue on A Regional Delicacy

Just...I LOVE ROSEANNE. My childhood doll is named Roseanne. Love.

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 3:31 pm 4

By Ophelia on HBO Yes, Todd Akin No

In hindsight, I'm surprised Todd Akin's mother didn't just shut that whole thing down 60 years ago.

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By minty fresh on Friday Open Thread

I just found out I'm pregnant! We were sort of trying, but somehow I'm completely shocked. This will be our second. I don't know how to have a second child. I don't know how to be pregnant with a toddler around. Will my little boy like the new kid? Will I?

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By misskaz on Never Bike

@The Lady of Shalott Word! I ride centuries and stuff on my cross/touring bike and for that one I have a lovely Terry saddle with a cutout area to reduce pressure on my lady bits and have never had a problem.

I need a new saddle for my fixed gear, but for now I just ride the stock saddle and since I'm only going like 10-15 miles at a time on that one, I've never had a problem. And my bars are lower than the saddle which is the position the article talks about.

Bikes are the best. There should be more posts about women and cycling on The Hairpin. I could write some but I have my own blog/women's bike gang website and it would probably be too self-promotion-y.

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By melis on Hung Jury, Round One: John and Julie

NO. This will not stand. Life is a grotesque carnival of a thousand spirit-crushing indignities and then you die and you are dead forever and let this man pee in the goddamn shower if he goddamn wants to, he is a human being and the universe is a ceaseless frozen scream. Pee in the shower.

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