On Friday Open Thread

@silverscreen I'm defending on Tuesday, and the best thing that ever happened to my thesis productivity was the pomodoro technique. Anybody can do anything for 25 minutes, and then you get a break! Then repeat ad infinitum or until you're done! I can't overstate how helpful this was for me. There are a bunch of free pomodoro timers out there - I used mytomatoes.com a lot.

Also, my motto was "There are two types of theses: good theses and finished theses". Yup. Just get 'er on the page and fix it later if you have to.

Good luck! You can do it!

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On Drynuary: What and Why

Drynuary seems like a great idea, but I think it should be done as un-smugly as possible. Like, cool - don't drink that's awesome! BUT, maybe just say to your friends "Ah, I'm just not feeling it tonight" instead of "I'M not drinking because my body is a TEMPLE etc etc".

Ah. Maybe it isn't a thing, and is just me just projecting my own issues! I dunno.

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On Places Where Single Women Are Encouraged to Seek "The One," and to Which I've Gone, Dutifully, to Befriend No One But Likeminded Women

@Probs Ah and all of this time I didn't even know I had a 'friend zone'!

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On Hair and Morality

@remargaret ahh, I was thinking greaser pompadour but this makes more sense

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On Friday Open Thread

I am so late, but I've been meaning to ask since the Jessica Valenti interview if you guys might have any other websites/books/resources to recommend in that same sort of vein?

Thinking about having kids a lot myself recently (getting to 30 will do that, I suppose), and I'm enthralled by all of the politics surrounding it. I googled a bit, but I'm terrified of all of those scary "conception" message boards and "mommy" boards. Ahhh!

Anyone got any other sane & rational sources to send my way?

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On Breakfast in Argentina and Chile

I just made this for breakfast in under 10 minutes with tomatoes from my garden and a little bit of basil. So. Good. Thank you, hairpin, for a delicious breakfast and little a bit more thesis procrastination.

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On A Regional Delicacy

@lue Roseanne! LOVE.

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On Friday Open Thread

@LolaLaBalc You can do this! Outlines are gold, but then also realize that within those outlines don't let the details bog you down! Just plough ahead, and if you get stuck on something, go work on the next thing and come back to it. That way, you'll feel productive and when you have to go back to a couple of hard things at the end it won't seem so overwhelming and terrible!

Keep us updated! You can do it!

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Visited Calgary

@antipretty CALGARY PINUP!?!?

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On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

@olivebee Ahh, I have the opposite husband; he wants a FOURTH. Four is a lot of cats! I already feel like the crazy cat lady with three!

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