On A Whole New Year

I always have a whole bunch of things I want to work on in the new year. My romantic life being a major thing (since it has previously been such a minor thing). I would like to have more dinner parties, save more (billfold!), get back to my fit-self, have more pedicures, learn the Rhythm Nation dance and on and on. I find if you give yourself an wide selection of things to accomplish it gives you more chances to actually get a few ticked off by end of year (and then, feel smug-ish). I would also like to get a Hairpin Pal this year so I am hoping that whole thing runs again. When we last went through it (2012 - time flies!) I sent mine a nice long letter and never got a reply....

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple

My love for Fiona is one that never seems to wear out. I have sung every one of her albums until the words are tattooed in my mind. When I was 19 and travelling across South East Asia solo I remember one morning walking along the empty beach near where I was staying and singing 'Shadowboxer' - feeling so young, so old and so brave. Too much love for one simple post!

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On Dude Doodles

@dabbyfanny For sure. And I would totally buy a coffee table book of these drawings.

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

@par_parenthese I am in ole far away Perth but I do go to Melbourne sometimes. Are you moving to Melbs or visiting? We could do a slow burn of finding enough Aussie pinners to make it worthwhiles.

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

How slim would the possibility of an Australian pinup be?

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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

@seaview Jolie is obviously absurdly privileged but she herself, at the end of the article, acknowledges that many women are priced out of this option and that this is something that needs to be accessible for all. And just think of dialogue that this is opening up! She could have kept quiet about this very personal subject but by putting it out there for everyone to read about, and because she is who she is, this topic is going to be broached and considered probably by more people then it ever has before. And for that I think she deserves all the kudos she is receiving...

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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

When I read this (from ATP linking on Facebook obvs) I just felt this huge surge of LOVE for la Jolie, Talk about using your fame in the right way (something i think she has a pretty good handle on).

Also, completely unrelated but checking into the Hairpin late night is awesome (from the down of the under) as I actually get to be part of the conversation! Usually I am commented hours past the point that anyway is caring.

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On A Month Alone In: Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand

When I was 20 I backpacked around Cambodia, Laos and Thailand for three months. I went with no plans other then that I would arrive in Singapore and take the train from there. I only wound up first up in Thailand because I met a German girl on the train who was on her way there. I never had anything pre-booked and would basically let people i met or whims guide where I went. I am still in touch with friends i made on the trip and when I moved to Vancouver by myself one of them was actually my only friend there... It was an amazing trip with lots of crazy adventures. I was pretty ballsy (ovariesy??) when i was a youngin. I wonder if i would do it again now at 32.... probably, but maybe i wouldn't meet as many people....

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On "Back to Me," Kathleen Edwards

@skipperdee when i went and saw Bon Iver i kept telling my girlfriends that I wanted to shout out 'Kathleeen!'. Because Justin is great and all but KE is my girl, ALL THE WAY. She is one of the only artists I will pre-order her album, fly to another state to see, listen to her albums on repeat etc etc

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On They Forgot About Breakup Songs

@skipperdee Oh 'No Bad News'! That is such a special song for me as the last time I saw my Nan before she passed I left the hospital (knowing it would be the last time), put on my ipod as I walked down the street and that song came on. It was strangely perfect.

And we'll grow kindness in our hearts/for all the strangers among us/'til there are no strangers anymore.

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