On One Occult Sandwich Is Worth 300 Regular Sandwiches

This is definitely the best response to this sandwich nonsense. Also, gelatinous is my favorite word.

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On Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

LW1: Perhaps you and your boyfriend would benefit from each reading the Five Languages of Love. Admittedly, it is a bit cheesy, but after I read your letter, I was automatically thinking, "Obviously, her language is physical touch and his is acts of service".

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

The corn maze was also great.


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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

Jim, I was actually waiting for you at a pumpkin patch in Warwick, NY. Next time I guess we should be clearer on the location.

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On Happy Hour: Booooo(ze)

Fernet in a bloody mary? Trying that as soon as possible.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

Jim, I would like to pick pumpkins this weekend with you. Let's do it.

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On How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

A million times YES! There are so many cute bags at lower price points. When my (much younger) co-worker comments on how she can't afford designer bags, I tell her one day she will be able to and if she still wants one at that point, she'll have the means.

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On Remembering 'Hocus Pocus'

HELLS YEAH! I JUST watched this on Saturday night whilst carving pumpkins! And yes, I own it on DVD. Next up, The Craft - followed by Practical Magic, Teen Witch... My list is endless!

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On Name That Love Letter

I must say I am a bit sad not to see any of James Joyce's love letters to his beloved Nora!

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