On Brittney Griner's Taboo

@Onymous I did! Griner is great and I'm really excited to see the Mercury play teams like the Lynx, especially because the Lynx/Sun game was such a wipeout. I agree that a lot of teams will probably try to foul her out but hopefully some will think of more creative ways to deal with her and it will lead to exciting games.

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On Brittney Griner's Taboo

I'm from a place with no professional teams but great college teams so my friend that I watch basketball with and I decided to pick a WNBA team so we'll have basketball to watch year round (ish). Every new article I read makes this feel like an even better decision!

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On Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please

Hard G 4 lyfe! The white house agrees:

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On Books I Would Read If They Were Real

@formergr My brother gave me a shirt from the Creation Museum with a dinosaur on it that says "God created me on day 6". I really enjoy wearing it at work (I do biology research) and watching people be confused.

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On Friday Open Thread

@raised amongst catalogs I'm moving to Ann Arbor in August and I would love to go to a pinup and meet people because right now I know zero people in Michigan.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Mlbunt Do a museum scavenger hunt!

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On Friday Open Thread

@queenofbithynia I had a business casual interview that I wore nice pants and an Ann Taylor pullover (that I got at a high-end-ish thrift store) to and it was fine so I'd do that (if you are like me and like pullovers more than cardigans)(and also have access to nice thrift stores).

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On Friday Open Thread

Pinners, tell me what to get my brother for his birthday. He is going to be in Cairo in the fall for study abroad and I'd like to give him something related to that (like a gift card to a nice restaurant? Tickets to something?) has lived there and has suggestions that would be awesome.

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On The New SAHM

@Amphora That's a good point. The main argument that I've read (not in this article but in others) is that married couples are much more likely to move for the husband's career than for the wife's so many times when a woman is offered a job that she would have to move for, she doesn't if she's married and her husband already has a good job where they live. Obviously this doesn't always happen but that combined with the whole dropping-your-career-to-have-kids thing is just kind of making me feel sad.

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On The New SAHM

I've only read the first page so far but my gut response is "I'm never going to get married". I've read too many articles lately about how getting married helps mens careers and hurts womens careers and I just can't deal with it anymore.

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