On Friday Open Thread

@hallelujah Oh man I'm moving to Ann Arbor in a week and a half (!!), hopefully there will be another one soon!

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On Fifteen Centuries of July 9

This is perfect, I'm playing pub trivia this evening and always suspect that a couple of questions are pulled from wikipedia's this day in history.

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On The Spinsterhood Pie

This pie truly understands me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise Lemonade with mint and cucumber vodka! It's refreshing and delicious.

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@fondue with cheddar The high GI one was made with corn syrup and 1% lactaid milk, the low GI one was made with 1% regular milk and cornstarch. Which ew? I assume the cornstarch was added so it would would provide the other corn based nutrients that are in the high GI one because they took pains to make the energy, carbs, fat, and protein the same.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

Is 10 minutes of cheering a legit way to round out a legislative session? I HOPE SO.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

"Everyone should go home and thank their mom for being pro life or they wouldn't be here today"
NOPE! My mom is pro choice and somehow I'm still here!

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On Driving Across America Giving Free Manicures

Noooooo she was already in Chicago :(

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise My friend wrote a blog post about places to stay/eat/do things in Louisville here.

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On Beauty Secrets: Human Tears

@Regina Phalange I'm the same, sometimes if I'm very, very sad I'll cry for maybe 30 seconds and then it's over which is never enough. I find that already being sad + alcohol (margaritas) + very sad movie (steel magnolias?) helps. I'm not on SSRIs though so I don't know if this still works in that case. It's worth a shot?

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