On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

Yessss....I will be visiting these whenever I make it out to the UK! I did visit Salem in October a couple years ago and did not check out that museum BUT I went on a ghost tour which was purty awesome so i equate it as a similar experience. Salem's graveyards are also incredible to this history lover. Great roundup!

Also, hi Jolie!! Glad to see you here!

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On On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

@sulpicius subuculus Ha....not sure where the competition idea came from. I think you missed my asterisk and my point: it's refreshing to hear about body hair issues from someone who I can relate to. There's no denying that women of all regions deal with varying forms of body shame. However, I cannot relate to the sparkly hair phenomenon that I, too, am well aware of since I have friends of all types and we talk about body hair. Except, no one understands the same woes like my Persian, Indian, Israeli, etc. friends.

Maybe you missed the author's point too: in referencing the ex-gf as Indian, there is an implied understanding of those body hair issues unique to certain types of people, which this lady should have been aware of, and it's awful she would shame the author for the same thing she has LIKELY had to deal with. So yes, there are differences and popular opinion TYPICALLY will not reference Scandinavians when discussing body hair/body hair removal.

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On On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

@Betsy Murgatroyd How awful. That would never be funny to a kid especially coming from someone they love and likely respect, who probably never had the same issues. Did you have a chance to make her feel more comfortable?

On a similar note, whenever I go to a salon to get an underarm wax and they say "wow you have a lot of hair//this is going to take a while//you need to come back each month...*frown*" etc. I want to punch them in the face, but instead I just end up taking my business elsewhere. (I'm sure you do not do this)

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On On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

THANK GOD. A lot of the body hair posts I've seen around the internet tend to be written by or concerned with body hair of light-European ladies. I totally get that everyone has body hair needs no matter their origin, but lets get real: those of us with any blood from the Middle East/Russia/India section of the world tend*** to have more issues with hair removal. Yes, blondies, you might have to shave your pits a few times a week, but do you get a black 5 o'clock shadow there?

My dad is from Iran and my mom is North Euro + Russian (ancestry), and I thank haysoos that I don't have nearly as much body hair as say, my brother, who is a wolf. But, I have very pale, sensitive skin and have spent nearly twenty years removing my various hairs (I'm the same age as the writer).

I'm actually a fairly big proponent of doing whatever you like, and fuck whoever you are dating if they aren't down. Most of my girlfriends (including coarse haired ones) are entirely bald every day under the brows, but I am hopeful one day they'll stop caring about what dudes and others think.

***I am fully aware that Mediterranean, Celtic, etc. people have similar hair issues. My 27 years tell me that Middle Easterners and Indians tend to have more, darker, and coarser hair overall, everywhere.

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On A Weekend Roundup and a Goodbye

Best of luck to you Emma! Really happy with what you've done here, and I'm excited for Jia to be our new overlord ;)

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On I Didn't Like Boyhood and I'm All Alone

I really enjoyed it. Yes, there are people who enjoy it strictly because of the groundbreaking nature of it (doesn't mean that it's automatically a good movie). I see it more like a documentary of 'now', and it might be one of those movies that needs to age (yes, more) before it seems important to some.

I appreciated that the characters in the biological family unit were relatable and seemed like real human beings. The contrasts between the mom and dad were unlike the caricatured versions of what is typically on tv. I also thought he became irritating in HS, and my boyfriend thought his 'depth' was fake, but I was able to relate completely. But then I realized how annoying me and my friends probably were at that age.

But...yes his voice. That. Voice.

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On Neutral Sounding Noises to Make When You Are Three Seconds Behind Figuring Out What's Happening While Watching the World Cup

It's "offside" ;) I think I may have finally understood offside after 5+ years of being with a Liverpool fan.

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On One Weird Trick to Get the Most Instagram Likes Ever

It sort of looks like they are surrounded by cauliflower.

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On Interview With My Dad, Whose Parenting Guru Was Marshall McLuhan

I really loved this. Echoing @Lucienne, I would love it if The Hairpin featured more interviews!

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On The Sandwich Party Revolution

I read the last paragraph while I was scrolling through hairpin.com and TOTALLY thought it was in reference to Ted's "eating sandwiches" bit on How I Met Your Mother.

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