On "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

@rathermarvelous That is a great parallel and explanation for character motivation between Cersei and Margaery. I hadn't thought of this! But it is so true: Margaery is protected by women, her lady attendants and Lady Olenna. Cersei has no one, not even a strong distant female relative who was in her life.

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On "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

@rathermarvelous I agree with your comparison of Cersei & Dany to be more accurate---I mean no offense to the original essay. The books (hate to be "that" lady) go into much, much more detail than the show can ever illustrate. Cersei has, her entire life, been driven mad by the gender confines imposed upon her, and as mentioned is clearly paranoid. As @tofuswalkman mentioned, Cersei wants to be a man; Arya is highly independent. Arya does not want to be a man, she wants to NOT be a lady.

Another thing about Dany, she frequently states, "I am but a young girl who knows nothing of war..." playing the game to get what she needs.

I am hoping we will see more Hairpin discussions as the seasons tick by in terms of the main female characters.

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On 10 Things I Learned From Editing Obituaries for Two Years

Absolutely touching. Thank you so much for sharing. I also love reading the obits in our alum magazine...and I didn't know we had someone actively editing them like that.

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On Which English Do You Speak?

I love me some linguistics! That's a really fun article. I recently had an awesome time with the cot/caught and marry/merry/Mary mergers at work one day when I realized my team was from all over the US.

Since the Bay Area is so full of transplants (like me), one of my favorite things to do is listen and try to pinpoint the accent origin, especially if it's a double-accent (see: Indian-born Australian coworker).

I haven't adopted hella up here, and I definitely refer to freeways as "the 280" still. They'll never shake the San Fernando Valley out of me.

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On What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

@mochi +1 on Facebook filters. I have 5 that I regularly switch between to avoid all or portions of family and coworkers.

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On What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

@Julie the T Yes, please yes. The last phone convo we had where I FOOLISHLY didn't lie and tell her we were parking 10 minutes before we actually parked:

Me: "Okay I have to go we're parking"
Mom: "Okay....welp...call me Sunday because Saturday I have (Red Hat/DAR/etc), and even though I TOLD them I couldn't go, your aunt had to cancel at the last minute and told me she felt like one of us should go so I'm going to (place) around (time)-ish or so, probably will be there til (time) since we're doing (x-activity, 5 minutes of detail), and (person) will be there which will be nice, because she's been sick, did I tell you about how I wasn't feeling well the other day? My (body part) was acting up and I went to the doctor...."
Me: "Mom I'm really sorry, (boyfriend) is already inside the restaurant"
Mom: "Oh okay (2 minute conversation about how we'll talk soon)"

At this point, my boyfriend had waited for me in the car, went into the restaurant, and was seated with bread and water at the table by the time I got there.

<3 my mom, although long-winded.

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On Coming-Out Technology, Exiting the Girlfriend Zone, and the Lesbro Conundrum

@lunaesque EX.ACT.LY. Um....this girl sounds unstable, tbh. I fully agree with some of QC's notions about girlfriends not being their boyfriend's only priority etc, but let's get real here: it sounds like LW3 has legitimate concerns after feeling ignored by a lady who sounds like a narcissist. LW3, you did a great job with being honest and communicating openly with the two of them.

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On The Beauty Bridge

This is one of *the* best Hairpin articles. This is why I come to this site. I can't wait to share this with all my favorite ladies. Thank you Jia!

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On FOUND: The Best Sheets

@Hellcat I really like Target's bedding. They have some great patterns that don't make me feel like a child or too old. Here are some possibilities:

...ok maybe I am shopping for myself now.

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On Depend on a Yes

Cold water, never hot water for blood! One of my own "I've become a lady" memories from my own mom. B-)

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