On Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

@Jolie Kerr You may be able to remove the stains from your nail bed by using a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I've not tried it yet, but I heard that it works wonders.

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On Scientology and Me: Part One, Growing Up in the Church

My parents also met in Scientology in the mid-70's. My mother is Clear and both were auditors. Unfortunately, the church recalled my father to Clearwater for training when my mother was 9 months pregnant with me and would not let him leave - so he ended up jumping a fence and using all of their savings to buy a plane ticket back home. My parents left the church after that, but I clearly remember them using touch assists and the like with me when I was a child - as well as playing with an e-meter in the basement :) I look forward to reading the rest of your series!

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On An Imagined Conversation With the Guy Who Wrote Toto's Wiki Entry

Journey also has a similarly exhaustive wikipedia graphic. Though none really compares to the musical hagiography of David Coverdale's band members.


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On Beauty Q&A: Thin Lips, Mustaches, and the Lip Gloss Missing Link

Seche Vite also makes a brand-specific nail polish thinner which comes with it's own eyedropper and everything. I've been using it to stretch the life of my topcoats and it's really useful.

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On Books That Beat Their Iconic Sister-Books: Jane Eyre vs. Villette

Since this book is public domain, it's available free online in both e-book and audiobook formats.
Who doesn't want to have Charlotte Brontë on their mp3 player?

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