By mabellegueule on A Brief Introduction

Ooh I would agree but I don't think anyone can do as well as Jane.

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By Helvetica on Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

@minijen Every comments section on every website that isn't the 'Pin:

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By BeyondTheCee on Interview With a Virgin: Will

@fondue with cheddar Exactly. I'm an older virgin by circumstance, and my history is a mix of a strict religious upbringing kept me "chaste" in my teen years, but now that I'm agnostic, I can't give it away. I think the fact that virginty, is being discussed much more widely in relation to people who aren't virgins for religious reasons is an interesting transition. Also, I just like hearing people with similar experiences to my own. It makes things less lonely. Espcially when most romance/sex advice is written for people who've already had sex, because, duh. I'm also finding more and more self described virgins, like Will, are very well informed, and have done their homework as far as knowing what circumstances would be comfortable for them, plus anatomy, etc.

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By melis on Friday Bargain Bin: Twelve Dollar Booties

The candles burned down steadily and the remaining wax grew warm to the touch. One of the other elves nearby began whimpering - at this early stage, more from fright than pain, though that didn't stop the bile from rising in Kevin's throat. "Hold your positions," he said in what he hoped was a steady voice. "Remember your oaths. We do not leave our posts."

A drop of hot wax splashed onto his forehead, searing itself into his skin. He closed his eyes. "We do not leave our posts -"

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By PistolPackinMama on Get This Look: Ghosts

The bloody mary explanation here is priceless. bummer mrs. lyndsey's mom has no sense of drama!

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By Reginal T. Squirge on Women Laughing Together for Fitness

I talk about this all the time! I know something's really funny if I laugh out loud while watching it alone, (which is how I watch most things...)

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By christonacracker on A Chat With Geoff, an Actual Ghost-Believer, in Which I Clearly Care About Ghosts a Lot More Than He Does

@Amanda Webber@facebook Carbon monoxide also wears old-fashioned clothes and stares at you when you're sleeping.

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By NeenerNeener on A Chat With Geoff, an Actual Ghost-Believer, in Which I Clearly Care About Ghosts a Lot More Than He Does


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By meetapossum on "Is That All There Is," Peggy Lee

For the best lip synching performances of this song, see Sleep No More. Well, see Sleep No More anyway.

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By laurel on The Bingo Nights of Taunton

The arrow in that top photo is amusingly placed.

Also: "He... looks more like a mash-up of Prince Harry, the “Hunger Games” actor Josh Hutcherson and a bird" brings a little Hairpinnery to the Times Mag.

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