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On 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

@captainbartlet we love you sad gay teen!!!!!

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On The Best Time I (Maybe) Got Rabies

@nonvolleyball ahhh thank you!!! i have saved this note, a most precious treasure, since 2004.

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On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

this was so fucking good

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek


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On What Are the Consequences of Being Turned Away?

@Diana this is beautiful and so well said. thank you for it. it reminded me in parallel of something other diana (foster) said when i saw her give a presentation on this study: "what we found is that women adjust to the children that they have, or don't have. it doesn't show that abortion is bad. it shows that women are strong."

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On What Are the Consequences of Being Turned Away?

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher we could call me a hairpin contributor-at-large or we could just say i'm basically gynecologist beetlejuice

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On What Are the Consequences of Being Turned Away?

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher you rang! oh this is a sad ring. fuck. without more details about J., and speaking TOTALLY from conjecture, maaaaybe the first clinic went by last menstrual period ONLY and J. had told them the last time she bled at all (i think appx 1/3rd of all pregnant people have a bleeding in the first trimester--anything from spots to full-on nothing to see down here in your uterus keep goin'! monthly periods) or that the ultrasound was limited, either by her size or the size of the fetus--there can be advanced pregnancies that are very very small, and dating is based on a couple measurements that actually become LESS accurate further into the pregnancy.

again all conjecture. what i know is that the researchers involved in the turnaway study are absolute fucking genius heroes (and avid hairpin readers--s/o LD if she's reading this)

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On A Brief Introduction

@fondue with cheddar yayyyy! y'all are so sweet. it's so nice to be remembered. practice is amazing! i work at an adolescent health center with incredibly cool young people. MAD families getting planned. i STAY treating chlamydia

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On A Brief Introduction

@fondue with cheddar thanks for the cred! i wanna get back to writing for the pin something fierce but have been all het up by starting practice.

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On Marriage, 2013

@fabel it takes an average of 15 years for a HPV infection to turn into cancer, and first the infection would have to be one of only 10% that last more than 2 years--hence increasing the interval to 3 years or more. i wrote an article on it here actually: http://thehairpin.com/2012/01/a-scenic-guide-to-your-abnormal-pap-smear

hpv is one lazy-ass virus. it actually makes me feel upset when homies come in to see me like "HERE FOR MY YEARLY!" because i want to s/o those sort of on-top-of-their-shit behaviors, but i earnestly believe medical diligence is better spent elsewhere--one ASCUS pap, which is basically the most boring HPV goo ever, and people are fuckin' freaking out and they shouldn't have to be. or 18 year olds who have gotten pap smears against guidelines from providers with this perspective and stop having sex and think they did something wrong and tell me that they have cervical cancer...and i'm in the position to tell them to forget it ever happened? way more harm than good.

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