On Nate & Margaret

@bethatrix This movie is actually wonderful, and she is great in it. I think it might be on Netflix? (Ok, not streaming, but maybe their DVDs.)

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On Throw This Party: Movie Night

You guys, my mom worked on this movie and she had to stand to the side with a blanket because they were filming at a real-life summer camp during the late fall in upstate New York and it was cold cold at night. I think maybe the rest of her job was to buy beer. Anyway, knowing behind-the-scenes "facts" did nothing to make anything less scary at all. Bees!!!

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On A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

@Amphora I was like, "Oh, This? You can tell it's not my drug habit because of the cleanliness and fanciness of the bandaid. Also, no, don't worry, I'm not dying."

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On A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

I am the last one here on a Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, and this thing: Interviewing in a bar on a completely empty stomach (I had BLOOD DRAWN just prior to the interview), realizing very quickly that I was wrong for the job, summer walking/crying. Oh god oh god oh god.

Not a big deal, but I feel strangely in crisis.

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On 'Pin Picks: Third Watch

I just bit my fingernails and then ate an IDAHO SPUD BAR, which, despite my usual feelings on grey marshmallows, happened to be the perfect thing.

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Four

I hear what you're saying. But for real, no need to fight your cocktail waitress, just say (after I tell you the price, before I leave to get the drink) "No, thanks!"
And I'm talking about $2. Fewer bars than you may think make a killing.

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Four

@knuckle sandwich
And then on their way out, they'll be asking each other, "You tipped, right?" And the answer is mostly "no."

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Four

@Laura Enriquez@facebook
Yes, thank you. I have had people try to fight me when I charge them for soda. That's fine, you don't want to pay, I told you how much it would be before I gave it to you, and now I'm not going to help you anymore.

And then, of course, I make no tips.

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On Ask a Clean Person: You Are Still Making Your Beds!

I would honestly love to be making my bed, but it has been so torturously, unseasonably, disappointingly hot that I folded my blankets and top sheet and hid them in the closet. Looking at them makes me as uncomfortable as watching a Carl's Jr commercial immediately after dinner.

But I've done a great job of fluffing the pillows.

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On The Quiet Return of The 'Pinup Roundup

This is my absolute first time commenting, and all I have to say is, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

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