On Ask a Fancy Person: Occasionless Gifts, Chemo Baldness at the Office, The "Thanks For the Birthday Wishes" Anomie

I went through chemo last summer and chose to stay bald the entire time - including at the office and at corporate conferences I attended. Going in I knew I wouldn't do a wig, I didn't even bother buying one. I did try scarves but I was always fussing with them and was never comfortable. Big lipstick, big earrings. I never had a stranger make a comment in 7 months. Be comfortable! I noticed that people were much more comfortable around me when I was bald than when I was futzing with the stupid scarves - they could tell it bugged me, and it bugged them in turn.

Also, for more casual occasions where I wanted to keep my head warmer I really liked Buffs (planetbuff dot com).

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On The 4/20 Cookbook

My dispensary makes Muddy Buddies - chex mix soaked in pot butter infused chocolate and peanut butter, then rolled in powdered sugar.

Those things are dangerous - they give you the munchies, and then hey, you got Muddy Buddies, perfect munchie food!

I allow myself one bag, every year at christmas when I've got at least three days off to recover from the stoopid.

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On So Many New Books That We Can Be Like "It's On My List" About in 2014

@stonefruit No, you're not.

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On Erica Gets An IV

@Naomi Kashinsky@facebook Backatcha with the hugs! The thing with this one was that I've 9 core biospies in my boob, plus two aspirated lymph nodes, and they were no biggie, so I went into this one thinking it would be a cakewalk. Wrong wrong wrongity wrong. Good luck with your chemo!

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On Erica Gets An IV

Bad IV sticks and blood draws are the worst. I've been doing chemo since July (only two more to go!) and had a central line put in, but they still need to stick me at least once a week in the arm because the person doing it isn't qualified to use my port or it's for some other reason that the port isn't appropriate. At this point most of them are fine, but every once in a while I get a badly placed IV that just doesn't stop hurting.

And now I'll share my worst needle story ever - a few weeks ago I needed to have a thing in my lung biopsied and it's super small and I had to be awake and be moved in and out of a CT scanner for the doc to find it. They went in through my right breast, about halfway between my nipple and my sternum with the longest needled I've ever seen. What should have taken 30 minutes took over 90 and the lidocaine they used wore off about halfway through.

In the end he couldn't get a good enough sample and I'm supposed to do it again. HELL NO. Lap surgery or bust next time. I can't imagine being awake for that again.

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On The World's First "Vadge Sommelier"?

A VERY adventurous friend of mine has been to one of their events. Her stories are hilarious. And she did have a great orgasm, so there's that.

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On A Drone's-Eye-View of Burning Man

If I'm alive and well enough to go next year (that's truly an open question - I'm typing this from a chemo infusion chair) I'll be going for the first time, I hope. Many of my friends have been going for 10+ years. It's never really appealed before, but after the shit I'm going through now, it seems like a good time to do it.

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On A Visit to a Ghost Town: Whittier, AK (Pop. 223)

Love this. I passed through Whittier when I went on a cruise/tour (Princess) in 2008 with my dad. We came by water - on a catamaran across the sound from Valdez to board our ship. I didn't tour Whittier but was curious about that building. I went with teeth gritted and prepared to put up with the tourism sheeple experience for the sake of traveling with my dad. I definitely had a couple of bad days, but on our best day we took a van from Copper River and then a bush plane out to McCarthy (year-round pop 7,inaccessible by car except in winter when the river freezes and they bring new vehicles across in the buckets of bulldozers, otherwise you get in and out via a plane or a zipline) and then Kennecott, a copper mine and milling ghost town. Absolutely spectacular. Would do again in a heartbeat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennecott,_Alaska Here's somebody else's photo tour - http://www.kuriositas.com/2012/07/Kennecott.html

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On These Are the SNL Breaks

@Scandyhoovian I did not know this existed, and just spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for it. Worth it. ;)


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On Envisioning a Better Beer Can That Is Just a Beer Can

Totally random trivia time - My FIL worked for a major aluminum sheet manufacturer for decades and helped develop the plastic lined cans used for soda today. You used to see a little slick of oil on top of a soda or beer poured from a can, which was a food grade lubricant actually used on the rollers that flatten the aluminum into sheets on the production. It wasn't dangerous, but it grossed people out. So they developed this film to prevent that problem. And then they had to re-invent the pull top to punch through the film. My husband has stories of test cans of pepsi around their house when he was a kid. He's got a wall of plaques with his soda can patents in his house. There are a lot of them, and he was paid exactly $1 for each of them.

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