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On "Peter Luger"

@WaityKatie I think Wburg, Park Slope and maybe Carroll Gardens are the exceptions. The rest of the borough is a tough sell. (I used to live in Kensington)

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On "Peter Luger"

I assume if you're going to Williamsburg, you probs have an iPhone, so you could guide your driver if need be? I mean, since you know where it is already...oh, wait. Bridge Fail.

Seriously, if you live in Brooklyn and take cabs/cars, know how to get to Point B. Cabbies don't want to take you to anywhere in BK because there's little chance of finding a return fare. Don't give them a reason to not pick you up. It's common sense. So is niceness. Oh...Williamsburg Fail.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy 2 more years until I can spend 14 hours a day watching hockey! I'll be secretly rooting for Sweden - for my King Henrik and their awesome graphic unis. And of course USA, with my Cap'n Cally.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Well, the Flyers* DO suck, it's a fact! Agree with Adam Oates - I think that's a big step forward. Maybe too much bad blood with Gabby and Hunter's heart was not quite in the organization this go-around. He seems to perform best in the OHL, fostering amazing young talent. Agree too that the "Ovi situation" gets overblown - maybe b/c he's Russian, and North America still shows its bias. He's impressive and I just can't hate on the guy as much as I'd like to. Now Crosby... (Sorry Count Chocula!)

I just hope the NHL can bounce back. One possible bright spot is Sochi. I think the Olympics can help boost the profile of the league after we get the taste of the lockout out of our mouths.

Also - Love talking Hockey on the pin!!

*Is it wrong that I am soooo attracted to a few Flyers?? Ugh, I hate myself.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Ha ha! Also, love your last line - what is it with the Caps' postseason? Is just Ovi vs. Boudreau? (Before he got fired - not like Hunter was more successful)

In terms of risking the league, taking the longview, like Puckdaddy, maybe canceling the Classic and jeopardizing the full season will do less damage than cobbling together a deal no one is satisfied with for the sake of the Classic - which may cause yet another lockout. What burns me most is that Bettman is just burning through all of the goodwill the Classic and the NBC deal has created. I've been a huge fan my entire life and it's been so nice to talk shop with new fans. For a niche sport in America, I'll take the bandwagon jumpers. (Aside - spending 3 months in Toronto was amazing. Never had I felt so...normal!) I live in LA and no one really talks about hockey in the midst of the lockout, but of course the city was abuzz with Quick and his Kings. I miss the culture that was blossoming. Grrrr.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy It's okay b/c then we got SHUT DOWN by the Devils. Which was soooo upsetting. I too feel like the season is out of reach now - though the NHL and the PA are talking again today, so :shrug:? After years of having overpriced players at the end of their careers, Rangers have an awesome core of youth and it's so disheartening to lose this season. They retweet the AHL scores and every game is like "Chris Kreider scores 80 goals, saves a puppy!" And the Caps look good (they always look good, but no painful trades) so I totally get the agita over a lost season.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Puckdaddy had an interesting take on why it was a GOOD thing it was cancelled, and the rational part of me agrees. Alls I know is I miss my Rangers.

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On Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Totally been there. I'm fortunate to have a sister alongside me. In the past 2 years, both of my parents have become ill in different, uniquely devastating ways. I second the having selfish feelings and also say it's totally normal. It's hard because I'm relatively young to be going through this (33) so no one really understands how painful and lonely it is. My sister and I were talking about this last month and she would get angry at people complaining about their weekends b/c this is pretty much consumed our lives. I cried at my best friend's rehearsal dinner when I walked her parents to their car b/c I couldn't help thinking that if I get married my parents will likely not be there. I expressed this to my bf and he was like, "you can't begrudge someone else happiness" and while that's totally the sane, reasonable response, it's hard to get others to understand. Wish I saw this earlier - I have some Feelings. An I'd offer if anyone who wants to talk about this stuff is in LA, maybe a beer would help? (Been too socially awkward and broke to do meetups yet)

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On So You Just Now Saw "Prometheus" and "Magic Mike"?

@lizardjellybean Have to say I HATED the marketing for the movie. I was expecting something light-hearted, a nice romp with scantily clad boys etc etc, but it was way more serious than I was expecting. Which was FINE - I mean, yeah Soderbergh. The marketing drove me crazy because it completely misrepresented the movie. Sure, it happens all the time, it's called marketing. But it was specifically aimed at women, so they decided to push the beefcake and minimize the drama for all us "50 shades o'grey lovers". Ugh it was so gross; to wit: "tell your husband you're going to book club". DIE. I liked the movie, but was kind of disappointed it wasn't lighthearted. Most of the time I want to see indie movies with real things to say about sex and gender politics. Sometimes I want to see Matt Bomer with no clothes on. Both would have been my dream - and I wish the marketing trusted its audience enough.

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

(And yes I've been Daria for Halloween...but everybody thought I went as myself.)

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