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By royaljunk on "I also really wanted the show to be about the fear of sex."

@fondue with cheddar David Krumholtz has been my nerd ideal since he was Wednesday's boyfriend in Addams Family Values, SIGH.

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By Veronica Mars is smarter than me on What We Hated About The Newsroom Last Night

I know this is a dissenting opinion on the 'pin, but I love all of Sorkin's shows. I don't care that they all deal with the same themes and he constantly cribs himself; I actually sort of like it.

Also, I take issue with the whole crappy-female-character thing. Not because they aren't deeply flawed; they absolutely are. Because pretty much all the characters are very good at their jobs and very bad at everything else in their lives. This is not exclusive to the females.

And yes, Sloan Sabbith (or however you spell it) is truly awful. But I don't know, why would you get Olivia Munn if this wasn't what you wanted the character to be? (But props on the mad language skills!) And she is supposed to be one of those ridiculous geniuses who just sucks at all human interactions. Much like Toby. Or Will. Or Jeremy. Or Mark Zuckerberg. Or Danny (Studio 60, not WW, WW Danny was perfect). It's not unique to Sorkin's female characters.

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By perfect_cursive on What We Hated About The Newsroom Last Night

For me, the problem with this show is not so much "ZOMG Aaron Sorkin hates women!" but rather that every character is so underdeveloped. He's recycling gags, lines and plot points from Sports Night (RIP) which don't hold together in this setting because none of these News Night people feel like...people. Yeah, so much of it is problematic and horrifying but largely because the characters are shadowpuppets.

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The Hairpin is my karass.

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By curlysue on Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky

Ah, I love finding kindred spirits who share my dislike of On the Road. To quote Paris Geller "I have one word for the Beats: EDIT"

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By perfect_cursive on Lap Dances Are Awful

Because I am not so sharp, I didn't realize that the name of the club is in the photo until it was pointed out in the comments. Before that, I was appreciating the Crime and Punishment-esque redacting. Now I know it is "Mons Venus" but I can't help saying "Moon's Vaginas" in my head b/c that is what I filled in the gaps.

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