By Jazmine on A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22


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By alliejt on A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

Gosh I enjoyed this Jazmine

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By Jaya on A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

Langston, you can't just tell people that they're white...

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By Jazmine on Weekend Roundup

@talie Hi! Yes! So, right now: I am working full-time at good ol' NYMag and in the morning and at night with the Hairpin, so I haven't had a ton of time to dedicate to the spam comments-- which sucks, because this is my job now!-- but I ABHOR them and I promise to you that I will dedicate my life to eradicating them, protecting you from the likes of "NAME@FACEBOOK" and magic pills that'll get yr husband back and scary links that I'm afraid to click on. It is my solemn vow.

(I feel like a politician?!!?! Don't vote for me)

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By Lucienne on Real Perfumes For Fictional People

@NellyBly I feel like you can finesse this to fictional perfumes for fictional people (because these versions of these writers are Sicardi's constructs), but yes.

And generally, this was not as cool as I wanted it to be.

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By cherrispryte on Apologia

Holy shit this was brilliant and perfect and kind of like you crawled inside my head a little. Like, so good I logged in for the first time in two years to tell you how good.

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By needsmoresalt on Apologia

The term "stop-hitting-yourself feminism" is amazing and perfect, but I have a different opinion about women "over-apologizing": it is great and I love it. The problem is actually men under-apologizing. It's nice to soften the blow of criticism with an apology. It puts people at ease. There's no need to be brusque and unapologetic unless you're Rihanna.

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By madeleineld on Apologia

This is great, and it is really nice to see someone call out Mean Girls / Tina Fey for this. I enjoy that movie a lot, but it has always REALLY bothered me that it shows bitchy, competitive girls as if they're in a total vacuum, and particularly that the main dreamy love interest is just super nice and turned off by all the meanness.

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By Mary Ellen Kirkendall@facebook on Ask a Fancy Person: Consignment Shops, Gendered Pronouns and Leaving the Forever 21 Zone

Marry a nice woman and you can pool your resources in costume jewelry and accessories! If that's not an option an occasional "naked lady party" or accessory swap can make freshen up your looks for fewer bucks.

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By picastina on La Malinche, La Llorona, La Virgen: My Mother's Ghost Stories

since moving back home i have been considering my own place as the wild child oldest granddaughter who is loved, but ultimately a disappointment against expectations. i don't know what it is to be latina, but i do know a bit about being raised in a restrictive religion that touched seemingly every part of my personhood until i shrugged it off entirely some time ago. and yet, maybe not entirely shrugged off - being surrounded by family, and specifically the men in my family, has me considering the gendered expectations that were ingrained in me. after a month of near constant talking by my dad and brother it was only today that i considered for the first time in my life, "maybe they said i talked too much when i was a kid not because i actually talked too much, or at least not more than them, but that i talked too much for a woman."

i've also been spending time reflecting about the lives my cousins chose, or rather, the life that was to be mine that they didn't fight against and i did. they're not even 30 yet and have 3-5 kids. they home school, and garden and can their crops. they share casserole and party planning tips. they feel so foreign to me and simultaneously so familiar, repeated models of the majority of women i knew growing up. i feel like i need to open myself more to learn the lessons my grandmothers, mother, and aunts have to teach me - but i also think they don't know how to teach those things outside of the framework of maternity.

thanks for writing this - it's going to be swirling through my brain for weeks.

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