On Behind the Scenes at Camp Gyno, the "Best Tampon Ad in the History of the World"

@julia a thousand times yes. I can't tell you how many times I get weird looks from my friends that I use o.b. and I don't know why. Also do you remember the Great O.B. Scare of a few years ago when they disappeared off all the shelves? Yikes.

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On Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

Yes, thank you! I do remember that part @Linds and I was like why is that happening?

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On Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

Two ghosts visit a little boy and tell him how to make a hair growth potion out of peanut butter. The boy applies it and grows hair forever. Local psycho kidnaps children and applies this mixture to their heads to grow out their hair SO HE CAN CUT IT OFF AND MAKE PAINTBRUSHES.

If you've seen this, please let's grab a beer and grieve over our lost childhoods and the aunt who denies to this day that she showed us this horrifying movie.

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On Jim Behrle Valentines

I wouldn't mind waking up next to that voice.

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

Thanks everyone! You are all so helpful

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On "Down to You," Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet

And off the same album:

It always seems so righteous at the start
When there's so much laughter
When there's so much spark
When there's so much sweetness in the dark

*clutches heart and dies*

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

Can we talk about that little tidbit you mentioned in there, tightlining? Anybody do this regularly instead of eyeliner? I'm a pro at the regular method of swiping it across the eyelid above the lash line, but I didn't even realize tightlining was a THING. I read the link and googled some videos and I'm still a little confused. Is this different than just lining your waterline? (I thought lining your waterline was bad?) And do you use gel/pencil/powder? I attempted it (or at least how I understood it) and kind of like how it looks but I'm not sure I'm understanding the "just push the pigment between your lashes" thing (are you painting the lashes?). Also, for invisible blonde eyelashes, this works better/worse? So many questions, I just long to understand this allegedly life changing method.

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On More Frightening Things to Read

I never really found Steven King's books that scary (just weird) until i read Gerald's Game. The end of that book made me gasp out loud cause I was so scared.

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On Get This Look: Ghosts

I blame Catholic school for this, but we always thought it was the Virgin Mary who would appear all bloody in the mirror and scare the crap out of us. I think it was supposed to be a Virgin Mary possessed by the devil??? Still not sure. Still haven't said it out loud. And I still really try to avoid looking into mirrors during middle of the night bathroom trips.

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On Notes From an All-Female Glengarry Glen Ross Viewing Party

Of course I have a crush on Alan Arkin! Started after Little Miss Sunshine, wavered a bit (okay, a lot) in Wait Until Dark, and cemented during Catch 22. That man is all kinds of sexy.

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