On Can We Still Be Friends?

"There’s sometimes a weird moment when you’re taking the F train and I’m taking the J train when we try to figure out if we’re going to hug or shake hands or high five or run away to France together."

Ohmygod, that. This has happened many times, with many dudes. Sometimes it's unexpectedly weird. Sometimes I'm thinking, "Please don't like me." And sometimes it's the roles reversed, with this one in particular, who come on, he has to know, and it's totally fine that nothing will happen, but there's still this lingering undercurrent of what-if. Oof.

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On A Yogurt Epiphany

@christonacracker ahhh gross gross now I'll think about that every time! I get how you could think that, though. Okay, blood orange: that's a close second.

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On A Yogurt Epiphany

I knew this was a thing, but honestly, I think the honey one is the only one that would sort of move! That mango-guanabana (seriously, get the mango-guanabana!) compote is pretty stubborn. And how would you get every last teeny tiny bit? You wouldn't. And you'd be digging for it anyway. Look, all I'm saying is, passion fruit Chobani.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Alli525 congrats! I've been meaning to for forever, and am finally at the, "No really, this is a thing I need to look into this week" point. Where do people find good ones? The internet, I guess?

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On Friday Open Thread

@JessAndNo ooh I have the hereditary ones too. Even in my portraits from when I was two and three years old, there they are, making me look sad and tired! It's really hard to find a concealer that a) lasts all day, b) doesn't make my not actually crinkly just dry-tending skin crinkly, and c) is fair enough. I've been using this one for a few months. It was good; I recommend it! Lasted reasonably long, non-drying, good shades. But I somehow lost it yesterday, so may go test some at Sephora tonight.

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On The Apple Oracle

Am I really the only person in the world who actively enjoys macintosh apples, in all their mealy, delightfully sweet-tart glory? I like to say it's a product of having grown up in New England. Somebody's buying them, or they wouldn't still have so many at all the greenmarkets! Oh wait.

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On Every Culture Has Its Kreplach

@punkahontas YES! They'll never be the same as at the Italian and Oyster festivals in my native Fairfield County, CT, so much so that my sister is obsessed with finding such a festival when she visits from TX next summer, JUST FOR PIZZA FRITE.

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On Frequently Asked Questions About Tights

@Jellybish I'm with everyone mentioning Hue. They're two for $20 or so, but every year when Bloomingdale's has Friends & Family (this weekend!) I go stock up with the extra 20% off. They fit great, don't stretch out, and are relatively magically run-proof.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

All I can think of re: the tattoo is how I wish I'd worked at that Starbucks location in my bux days. All my managers were incredibly uptight about visible tats, to the point of once writing me up. Nothing I have is so dark and salacious as "Love is pain," which I read as "This is a coverup for some dude's name that I got on my 18th birthday when we knew we'd be together forever, and then." Avoid.

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On Friday Open Thread

@wee_ramekin There isn't going to be another in two weeks, is there? I'm visiting family in Austin for a long weekend and will be so in need of drinks! And meeting 'pinners who can convince me to just move there already.
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