On What Is a "Water Fountain"

I had NO IDEA "sneakers" was mostly just a northeast thing. Really, rest of the country, you say tennis shoes? Also, no clue that only my area says sear-up. I've never heard anyone say sir-up.

Re: sandwiches. Wedges and grinders, anyone? I grew up ONLY using those terms. Apparently the latter is a Fairfield/Westchester counties thing. And does anyone else call a shopping cart a "wagon," or is that just my family being weird?

I really could talk about this stuff all day.

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On The Gateway Pie

Living in a city that isn't New York. As in, I was offered new jobs both here and in Chicago, and I love it there, but I'm not positive I hate it here enough to leave? And stay away permanently? But maybe it would be a great decision, and I'm just afraid to do it. I'm also avoiding embracing staying here, because what if I still have love for this city left in me? They're both amazing jobs. I need to decide by tomorrow, and don't know what to do. Sorry, that's a little heavy and probably more Friday Open Thread appropriate!

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On Friday Open Thread

It's not Friday anymore, but I'm posting anyway! My coworker is moving far away tomorrow. Even though I've known him for over a year, we didn't spend any time together until relatively recently, and he's really, really great. We all got going-away drunk the other night, and I think we both gave vague signals, but I'm pretty full of regret at not making my intentions clear. At worst, I probably never see him again. At best, I get to make out with someone very cute and very awesome. But I've never been good at overtly hitting on someone, so basically did nothing. Regret, all of it! So much regret!

I also might be getting new job offers both in my city and in a far away city, which is awesome and terrifying! I'll probably stay here, thus potentially ignoring cute-former-coworker's sincere advice to just go where I really want/will ultimately make me happy...but the job here is perfect too, so I can't exactly complain.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Bittersweet I'm currently in second place in my office pool, but know that's short-lived considering half my final four are already out. Ugh. The only consolation about the Georgetown loss is NOBODY called that.

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@cwmilton I usually get one small container of plain, one spicy, and one baba ganoush, then also eat them way too quickly. But I assume they have no preservatives, so I need to, right?

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

Damascus but no Sahadi's? Not that Damascus isn't great, but everything at Sahadi's is like, oh, god, I want it right now. Except standing in line to buy bulk stuff no matter what time you go. I don't want that.

Trader Joe's has this three-layer hummus that's cilantro, regular, and roasted red pepper. That, and Greek hummus from Whole Foods rule my hummus life. I'm a Food Coop girl, but I make my roommates but those for me.

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On Wassail, Wassail

My family never had any beautiful traditions like that, but once after Christmas dinner I grabbed my great-uncle's glass of scotch off the table--thinking it was my Coke--and took a big swig. It burned, I cried, and 20+ years later I still don't really like whiskey.

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On What It Sounds Like Your Coworker's Eating: A Gchat Log

I totally sit by an Eric. Apple time is when I suddenly remember the pressing questions I had for HR and Marketing, and go visit!

Also, how about people who vocalize their sneezes? RRAAAAAAACHOO!! x3. A sneeze does not necessarily involve your vocal chords, and especially not at high volume! Can we tone that down a notch? But open-mouth chewing and crunchy food eating is still worse.

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On Man Dissatisfied With Meal

@Lisa Frank I do totally agree! I'd always rather buy my bread at my neighborhood bakery than at Trader Joe's, and it's always so frustrating to hear stories like of your favorite diner. But if he's going to open a place in Times Square, where at this point independent places have long since been forced out... why not do it right? Because he just doesn't care and thinks it'll succeed either way? I guess it's silly to think otherwise.

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On Man Dissatisfied With Meal

I like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Some of my favorite restaurants in the world (Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk, CT!) have been on that show. Sure, some of the food on there is like, "Here's fat on fat on fat on...sugar?!!," but a lot of it is/looks legitimately awesome to me. I think Fieri (and whoever picks his destinations) knows from good decadent food.

That's why I think Fieri had an opportunity to make a place people could enjoy here. Sure, it's in Times Square and meant for tourists, but are we not people who sometimes go eat at IHOP or Chili's or [your favorite chain restaurant] as a guilty pleasure and enjoy it? But he totally fucked it up! It sounds disgusting, top to bottom! He deserves all the scathing reviews he has coming to him! That's why I love this so.

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