On What Is White Wine Good For?

I'll have you know that bison are some of the most incredible, majestic animals around! Have you ever seen one up close? Or in a herd? They're enormous and fuzzy and can do a standing jump up to 6 feet in the air. They're totally amazing. Don't hate.

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On Not a Fever Dream

I totally remember this show. I also think Sabrina the Teenage Witch ripped off the whole mirror set-up, but whatevs.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emma Peel That sounds like the right way to go, keeping in touch, but keeping some definite distance. Because you guys severed relationship ties, it think it's important for you to hold firm and not blur the lines into comfy relationship territory. Hear him out, but don't let him wallow on the phone too long. Offer advice, then change the subject or end the conversation for another few days. The sooner he accepts life in his new city (finds resources, friends, develops a routine) the sooner he'll feel less lost, and the sooner he'll be on the mend.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hellcat I'm a Laura Mercier devotee, and I use the tinted moisturizer up in the mini-bins near the register at Sephora. It's only SPF 20, but I've been using it in place of foundation daily for more than a year. LOVE the stuff. They sell it in the non-sample bins, too, so you can get one of the associates you help you find your color before you buy. Only about $20.

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On Friday Open Thread

I have laryngitis! It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm a radio host and had to pull two shifts today. Drinking lots of echinacea tea, and hot water with lemon and honey. Anybody got any other home remedies?

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

@chnellociraptor Totes Austen. Also, it's definitely "wry" not "rye". but I totally love you AHP. Please keep writing these columns all the time forever!

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On Where (My) Girls At?

A cupcake in the bathtub?! Come on...

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On Jane Demystifies All Beauty Secrets in Five Minutes

The DRESS! Jane, please tell us about that dress! Otherwise, I call dibs on your hand-me-down.

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On Don't Judge a Brochure by Its Cover

It's gotta be some fundy Christian organization pushing conservative marriage standards.

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