On The "Queerosphere," Letting Terrible Dog Owners Lie, And Smelly Business

@dancemeep Yes! I am all about the matches.

As much as I would like the bathroom experience to improve for all these folk, op and colleagues alike, please please can we leave off with the toxic-smelling air freshener. For some people that is not an improvement and can be genuinely sick-making, especially in the confines of a tiny stall in a small room which may already smell of cleaning products, scented soap, perfume trails etc.

But aside from that I think we need to grit our teeth and just do it. As the book says, everybody poops.

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On Better Yoga Poses: A Daily Routine

@DrSnorkington Yes to all those things you said with more active sensitivity than I did.

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On It's Time to Address Porch Sign Syndrome

@rhapsody in bleu And oh god the arrows which say 'To the Beach.' Beach dwellers have 40 different words for beach real estate and all know the subtleties of beachfront vs beach block vs waterside. WHY THE ARROW POINTING THE WAY TO THE BEACH??

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On It's Time to Address Porch Sign Syndrome

@puncturedbicycle Oh there is something about being rich which makes you long to be poor, but only in a few very picturesque ways. The ersatz nostalgia of it all just kills me. We should all feel free to be nostalgic for the actual past, but Flowers 50¢ lady bought some fake past for the back porch/deck/pool area which is more appealing to her.

It's really that damn 'Flowers 50¢' sign that stands on top of the pile of other things to give me the finger. I think there are two of them, wtf? Except for the faux-child-lettered signs mentioned in the text above, what sign in the world would ever say Flowers 50¢? What the hell does it mean? And why would you buy it? And why would you display it on your *back* porch and then design a whole outdoor area of your home around it?? WHO ARE YOU??

But as I said, only a tiny fraction of my fury about has any rational basis. And 100% of it is fully none of my business. :-)

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

@saul "the bear" berenson Would you get two pls and I will PayPal you the money.

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On Better Yoga Poses: A Daily Routine

@spinning2heads I read it as a kind of temporary loss of consciousness - ? Like a 'make it stop' fingers in ears thing, not a death wish. So if you did post it maybe others would also take a lighter view. Just a thought. :-)

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On It's Time to Address Porch Sign Syndrome

I think Etsy is the preferable option. All this stuff looks like it comes from Walmart or [fill in the name of your favourite big box with questionable labour policies] to me.

The neighbours have always gone in for big statements on or near back porch/deck - half a dozen fully grown palm trees, pool, etc. The current iteration seems to be a kind of mockup of a flower stall, like signs saying 'Flowers 50¢' and a number of wicker and wrought iron shelving units overflowing with plants and huge antique-look table (and a big wooden peace sign on the wall - ? - and loads of outdoor tchotchkes).

It sounds okay but it irritates me, like the faux-naif Marie Antoinette aspect of it, like she's playing at being some kind of little match girl but she really wants you to admire the gentle whimsy of her touch and the money she has spent mocking up her Covent Garden flower seller's stall. Lest it seem I'm being too blamey on the lady, she has given my mom the tour and taken full credit/responsibility for the decor.

There is some dull backstory on these people which predisposes me to not like them a lot but mainly I am irrationally annoyed by their porch, and yes, I am kind of a curmudgeon.

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

Hang on, I thought Germaine Greer said that when I became a crone/hag or whatever I'd be done with this dudebro assessment bullshit. Now it goes on forfuckingever?

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

@saul "the bear" berenson And of course women are mocked for not caring too, or being thought to not care, because if you don't hit your mark (too wrinkled/grey/frumpy etc) you are said to be telegraphing the message that you don't care, even though essentially you're just *being* someone with grey hair, wrinkles, etc. Whether you care or not is only known by you.

I was just thinking last night about 'signals' and 'messages' which women are credited with magically sending to men who are credited with passively receiving them and how upset it makes me.

'What message does it send' to be sexy/fat/angry/weak/wearing a bikini when you're not a size zero etc. 'What signals was she sending' by wearing/not wearing something, looking/not looking like something, doing/not doing whatever. Please just let me be a human fucking being who is not telegraphing magic thoughts.

I have no idea if I've made any sort of organised point but your comment made me feel all the feelings. So there they are. :-)

Thanks for the link. Off to read the article...

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

@Don'tcallmeJenny Sure, it never helps when people who don't really get the concept, somehow (possibly as a reflection of general ignorance on the subject) become mouthpieces for it, acquire followers, etc. Generally I find the atmosphere supportive and relaxed here, which is good because I would give myself a stroke wading through vitriol and judgement otherwise.

There is that awful Tumblr where young women hold signs saying they don't need feminism because 'I don't hate men' or 'I don't want an undeserved pay rise based on my gender.' Whaat? Who is it doing such great pr for this weird non-feminism that they're getting their message out better than actual feminism is?

It reminds me of the Steve Martin thing about raising your kid to talk wrong (may I mambo dogface to the banana patch etc). That is some weird-ass feminism folk are learning. Or maybe it is just your common or garden variety of internalised misogyny which I guess we all have to admit to on some level.

The concept of sisterhood is now regarded with cynicism but we could all use a great deal more cordial regard and a lot less judgement from each other. And actually that goes for everyone (not women in particular), because this fucking terrifying panopticon we live in is an excellent weapon of the patriarchy.

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