By fondue with cheddar on Nice to Meet You, Internet

@cuminafterall We didn't have fancy CD-ROMS when I was a kid, but I had Fashion Plates, the low-tech version. You put a head, torso, and pelvis/legs into the thing and slide a crayon to make a rubbing of the outline, then you put the textured pattern plates in there and colored with colored pencil to make plaids and flowers and stuff. It was probably my favorite toy, and now I'm jealous that I never had the expansion plate set.

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By owlegg on The Cheap Wine Report

@Scandyhoovian I logged in specifically to say that Thor on DVD is an EXCELLENT reason to break out the fancy wine. Thor! Thor forever!

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By Scandyhoovian on The Cheap Wine Report

@rosaline I also tend to pick wine based on the label! I figure between $10 and $14 is an acceptable price point for me and if I go above that it goes in the "fancy stash" for special occasions (which can include "I got Thor on DVD" so let's not pretend I'm living large or anything).

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By anniemac on What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

I went to an all girl's high school. There were none of these titled clicks in the way it's described here. My group of friends began calling ourselves Sparkle Motion after we watched Donnie Darko for the first time. Many of us are still friends, 13 years later. We still often refer to ourselves this way.

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By Tafadhali on What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

I...didn't even know people actually used clique names at actual high schools! It seemed like a mystical tv thing to me!

I went to a small private all-girl's school, and we had friend groups, and some of them could have been identified slightly more with "popular" or "nerdy" or "drama kids", but there was a lot of overlap. Apparently there was some small subset of girls, made up of the few girls in my class I actively disliked, who conceived of themselves as a cool clique and called themselves by some name or another -- but I found out about that seven years after graduation and I've already forgotten all of the details, so obviously their success was mixed.

Being part of the New England independent school circle, though, we definitely had really strong pre-conceptions about kids from every other school. I think the idea of a "Milton kid" or a "Concord kid" or an "RL boy", etc. etc., was kind of our equivalent of clique names.

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By Mira on Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

@stonefruit He had to kill her because of Tenderness! "Misplaced" tenderness, of course. He is very sensitive.

Did you notice one of the Big Questions it raised?: "How do we deal with the dark pasts of people whom we admire?"

PEOPLE WHOM WE ADMIRE. Just, dude. Come on.

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By pinecone on I Fear I'll Be Stuck on Level 29 of Candy Crush Forever

I'm on 348. You don't know true agony.

There's absolutely no need to buy anything to advance, for what it's worth. I haven't spent a dime on Candy Crush. You just have to be patient.

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By Jizzcliner on There Might Be a Pill For That

@OhMarie I thought Botox originally for killing people who ate contaminated food?

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By Jinxie on Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please

This seems like the appropriate thread for this gif:

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