On What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

It's interesting to read above that a few other people who went to all-girls high schools (like I did) seemed to have the weakest distinctions between groups. You'd think it would be worse, but really I remember a lot of us trying to categorize ourselves and other people in like 8th grade (are you a rocker or a prep?) but by the time high school rolled around we were pretty much over it. We had people we stuck with and people we avoided or just had nothing in common with. My particular group was an overlapping Venn diagram of AP students, drama club members, stoners, nerds and popular people - in the classic sense of popular, as in liked by a majority of people and not just attractive or rich. And we all floated around and in between. We did often refer to ourselves as The Green Street Crew because it was the dead-end street we all used to hang out on (where my high school boyfriend lived, incidentally.)

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

Standing ovation. I just downloaded Hedy's Folly and now I really can't wait to read it.

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On Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

@bluebears Oh god, it's like bad fanfiction (fan-nonfiction?) about himself. Good riddance, pal.

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On Erotic Photo Hunt Photoshopper Advises, "Don't Go for the Breasts First"

(Ahahaha...in the article he talks about coming to my office to look through the slides! Man I miss that light table, ever since we went full-digital. There was some supremely weird shit in the hardcore 2257 boxes.)

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On I Fear I'll Be Stuck on Level 29 of Candy Crush Forever

If you haven't updated the app in a while, do that. The option for Mystery Quests should appear then, and you can keep your money and Facebook dignity and wallow in shame privately, like you do.

(oh god I'm on level 89 please someone pry this thing out of my hands.)

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On Please Continue Pronouncing "GIF" Any Way You Please


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On Get This Look: Household Appliances

A few Christmases ago, completely unexpectedly, my mom's partner got me a cream-colored KitchenAid stand mixer - which he had a friend of his who does automotive pinstriping decorate with swirly ornaments and my name in Plum Crazy Purple. It is the raddest appliance I, or arguably anyone, will ever own.

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On On "Oracular ejaculation"

@highfivesforall: Okay, this does happen to me every now and then. Not actual tears, but a definite noticeable welling up. Maybe it's some weird quirk of the sympathetic nervous system?

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

It's been nearly two decades, but I'm pretty sure the game I played with my little sister is still a winner: The Sneezing Game.

Sit the kid facing you and pretend to gear up for a really big sneeze, like "Ah...Ah...AHHHH –" and then go "CHOOOO" really dramatically while pretending to push the kid back with the force of your windy sneeze. The best part is when you mix it up and go for the big sneeze and then you just go, "choo!" really tiny. Or the reverse, where it starts off really small and then explodes. Keeps 'em guessing, and the kid won't even know what to do with themselves, they'll be laughing so hard.

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On Texts From the American Girls

Slow clap for all of this.

So! Anyone else part of the American Girl Historical Society? Cuz I was. Did all the required activities and got the certificate and everything. I should probably find and frame that shit.

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