On Books We Forgot We Loved: Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry

most overlooked author ever due to terrible supermarket romance novel style graphic design? i actually never tackled lonesome dove but all my friends are going to be strangers, leaving cheyenne, last picture show and moving on are all-time faves.

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On Beer Drinkers Are Easy

tom t. hall and i definitely fucked on the first date.

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On Stop Liking That Stuff, It's My Stuff

the record nerds take this shit to another level. the less people that know about a particular record, the more likely you are to find it cheap. then, when you've found enough of them, you do everything you can to hype it, inflate the value, and start selling off your copies. then you call it played out, and make sure people know you were rocking it back before the internet. rinse and repeat.

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On Porn, Assne, "I Love You," and Short Guys

@dorothy: well. unless he was paying dude was using pornhub or xtube or whatever which are all user sourced content along with the free samples of paid content. how well is the user sourced shit regulated? i go through porn watching phases (most of the time my imagination works just fine) and when i do i'm disgusted by the amount of questionable material available from those sites. dorm room cams where a) the people could easily be 17 and b) one or both of the parties might not even know the camera is there. just because the uploader checked a box that said it was all on the up and up doesn't make it so.

also, maybe i'm overly sensitive about this, but i think it's a bit unhealthy for a early 30s dude to be exclusively watching "teen" porn (whether it's teen in quotes or not).

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On Porn, Assne, "I Love You," and Short Guys

am i really the only person concerned about the "teens" part?

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On Who Should Pay for Dates, Human Fur, and Sex Etiquette

all i could think about while reading this whole thread was moose's girlfriend.

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On What Was in Janis Joplin's Handbag?

trade gram for gene clark and i'm in. sorry gram, love ya, but i just know it'd be all about you in bed or otherwise.

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On What Was in Janis Joplin's Handbag?

i'm more interested in the contents of rick danko's knapsack.

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On The Best Thing I Said in My Sleep

once every few years i sleep-pee into containers that are not the toilet. my wife is not a fan of these incidents.

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On Is Jessica Simpson's Secret Unreleased Workout Video The Ring?

the lawless west.

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