You can also just google the title of the article rather than copy/pasting the URL.

And Latrice Royale taught us that bitch really means Being In Total Control of Herself!

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On Members Of An Elite Squad

i love this piece! i watched a lot of SVU for years and didn't think much about its implications until i was raped and turned to the show for comfort. i couldn't fall asleep without it in the weeks after it happened. i thought about olivia benson during the whole process of escaping the rapist, agonizing over reporting, and finally going to the police. i was very fortunate that the police treated me well and caught the guy, but i still wished there had been a benson type cop on the team (this was outside the US, probably why i had such a good experience with reporting).

watching the show now that a few months have gone by is strange; it still comforts me but i can't help comparing my behavior to that of the victims on the show. i would oscillate between seeing myself as braver and stronger than the sobbing women onscreen, or worrying that my numbness invalidates my claim to trauma. i wish SVU portrayed a wider range of victim experiences beyond fragility, hysteria, and agoraphobia. those are totally valid reactions but they don't reflect the repressed emotions/automatic pilot calm i felt.

anyway, here are few other pieces i've come across that fellow SVU obsessives might enjoy (the second one is some sort of abstract terrifying fan fiction, be warned):

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On Dating a Quasi-Boss, Becoming Lesbian Othello, and Taking the Road Less Confusing

@Kira-Lynn@twitter I can't speak to the letter writer's reasons, but I'm bi and often date guys and I like being out because I think it's important for straight people to be aware of how many non-straight people are all around them. It might make them less likely to assume people are straight until proven otherwise in the future. Or at least think for a minute before saying homophobic shit. I've met a shocking number of people who don't believe that being bi is a real thing and cross examine me about it! I hope that by being out I'm increasing their exposure to the mind boggling mystery of bisexuality. Also, I read that people who have gay (or queer) acquaintances are more likely to vote for gay marriage.Possibly bullshit since I can't remember where I read it, but it's worth a try.

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On Multilingual Gibberish

@Lauren_O'Neal European Portuguese does sound oddly like Russian. I thought the gibberish in the video sounded more Italian. But maybe this works better for languages you don't speak--I was totally convinced by the other languages.

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On Multilingual Gibberish

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On Multilingual Gibberish

Her language skills are awesome, but those are not remotely the sounds of Portuguese!

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@likearollingpin A bunch of my friends have had similar problems and never gotten helpful diagnoses either. I was finally cured by baking soda after spending a bunch of money on doctors and useless pills. I'm glad your issues are better now too!

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

I had chronic vag pain for 6 years and went to like 10 doctors, and I can relate so hard to this article. My condition wasn't nearly as debilitating but it was shitty. I got so tired of having to go through the same routine with each doctor, like "No it's not that, I already got tested for that, those antibiotics definitely won't help." I got a few different diagnoses but they didn't have any treatments. I went to female doctors, so I never got told it was all in my head (although I worried that it was), but a few of them apologetically told me that they have tons of patients with the same symptoms but the medical industry doesn't want to invest in a "minor" problem that mostly affects women.

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

This sounds really tempting, but I have a few questions:
-Can you use other kinds of vinegar or does it have to be apple cider? They don't sell apple cider vinegar where I live.
-Don't baking soda and vinegar explode when you mix them? I might be misremembering 6th grade science class but this seems like a scary mixture.
-Does this make your hair really dry? I swim in the ocean a lot and my hair gets super dried out and turns into weird dense straw.
-If you do moisturizing stuff like coconut oil treatments, is the vinegar/baking soda enough to get it all out of your hair?

Thanks for any tips! I have thick wavy hair that takes a long time to get oily. I wash it about once every 4 or 5 days now but I would love to stop using stupid products entirely.

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On Interview with a Santeria Priestess

This was super interesting!! Jia, can you interview someone who practices Candomblé or Umbanda? It seems very similar to Lucumi in some ways and I would love to learn about how the traditions diverged. And I want to know all about macumba!

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