On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

@2322766040@twitter But what are your thoughts on yaoi?

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On "I'm the Only Girl Baseball's Got": Remembering the Kissing Bandit

Dear Chase,

I feel like I can call you Chase because you and me are so much alike. I would love to meet you some day. It would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as you but I think you would be impressed with my speed.

I love your hair. You run fast.

Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither. These are all things we can talk about, and more.

I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did, and I hope you write back this time and we get to be good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a REAL "HOME RUN."

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On Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@piekin I think it'd probably help if the attitude that heterosexual women are freaks for enjoying anal sex changed. I'm in agreement with the commenters who are saying that putting PIV on a pedestal espouses a lot of heteronormativity, but I'm pretty bugged by the comments that are wondering why Scarlet does anal when there's a less icky alternative in the same region.

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