@phillystout That TOTALLY happened to me too. Same exact thing, curly hair and all, except I was 20 and it happened in a parking lot directly in front of a Panera where a number of patrons saw me through the floor-to-ceiling windows. I'm pretty sure they thought I was having a seizure.

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On Friday Open Thread

@area@twitter So I recently rediscovered "Return of the Mack" and every time I hear it now, I imagine Mark Morrison singing this song in Ermahgerd speak. Seriously, listen back to it. "Yer lahed ter me." "Rertern erf ther Merck."

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On Writing About Dead Family Members

I would love to email that to my father since so much of the author's father IS my dad. But for that exact reason, I could never send it to him. It would hurt him way too much.

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On Unless It's Chris Brown

When I read this column yesterday I TOTALLY thought it was Chris Brown. Run, girl!

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

@OhMarie GURL, I am right there with you. I thought 30 was a magical, far-away number. My mother-in-law regularly asking my husband when we plan on having kids is also not helping the situation.

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On The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses

@lexmarie We're alive! I guess the day isn't over, but I chose my arbitrary world-ending time as the exact time of the solstice (about 40 min ago), so hopefully we're out of the woods? So sorry to all the fliers. I can barely handle flying on a normal day, so I can't imagine doing it today. *Hugs!* Also, my cats must have known I was freaked out because 2 of them planted themselves on top of me the minute I got into bed and the third attached himself to my side. Normally, bedtime is go-crazy-for-a-while-and-then-maybe-sleep-on-the-end-of-the-bed time. Thanks kitties!

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On The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses

So... I don't think the world is going to end tomorrow. But... I'm also scared that the world will end tomorrow? Not really, but kind of! I think this stems from me reading something about 2012 when I was a little kid and it somehow sticking in the back of my mind forever. I've had a tiny ticking clock bugging me for the last 20 years. Also, this could stem from my general fear of death/the deaths of my loved ones. So am I the only one who feels this way? I know on a rational level that everything is fine, but I still can't help but feel nervous! I think the other issue I have is how everyone is joking about it. I guess I just find it a bit disturbing to joke about everyone dying, even if the whole idea is absurd. Anyway, I wanted to vent and I know you 'Pinners are always awesome and supportive and hopefully won't judge too much. See you guys tomorrow! (I'll be clutching my cats all night waiting for the actual solstice to [hopefully] uneventfully pass.)

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

@meetapossum "My vagina" is always the automatic winner in my games.

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

@mustelid If I still lived in Baltimore I would be ALL OVER THAT. Maybe if I move back someday...

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

I JUST bought Morels for my husband for Christmas. Can't wait to play it!

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