By anachronistique on In Case You Missed It: Downton, Swift

@Chrestomanci SERIOUSLY. (I maybe overidentify with Edith with the doomed-to-be-the-maiden-aunt thing. Girl needs to bob her hair and move to America.)

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By Is It a Hat? on "Scott Stapp in general."

@Decca Cut that shit down and salt the earth

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By raised amongst catalogs on "Scott Stapp in general."

@parallel-lines I, speaking as a member of the public, did not then and do not now accept Stapp's apology.

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By Better to Eat You With on "Scott Stapp in general."

I'm with the commenter on the article who points out that it's obvious that the author was 10 in 1997, and that more or less explains the whole thing. "Nevermind" came out the summer before my senior year in high school. All the other good 90s stuff came out then or while I was in college. If the music you liked when you were 10 becomes your nostalgia music, you've done your teens and early 20s wrong.

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By leonstj on Teach Me, Teach Me How to Brushy

Now tell me what you gonna do
When there's plaque up on your gums
When it's extraction time for you
When it's extraction time for you
What ya gonna do when there ain't no teeth to brush
When it's extraction time for you
Cuz caries have root your tooth

Bizzy Tooth:
Leeeeet's brush it up each mornin', Each day, don't it get borin'
Every tooth got crest on him, and I don't miss anybody
I done got on my flossin' game, don't want no more inlays
Ain't playin with tooth decay, root canal too deep and too much pain
Water pick I bought for me, pressure gonna increase my steez
Brush me up each day, day and when you can come whiten me

Layzie Tooth:
And now I'm seein' a periodontist
Followed by an orthodonist, he's
the man I praise when a camera's all up in my face
He keepin' my teeth straight and in they place
So cheese to instagram, embrace
Scope by the case don't judge
Like to keep my teeth no smudge, budge
And there's a night guard for this thug,
Oooh, what can I do, It's all about occlusions and palate too
Can I get some colgate, not enough fool
We brushin' our teeth to eternal enamel ayo,


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By Louise on The Power of Bacon

wait... who greases the pan with BUTTER before cooking bacon???

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By Paul_Funyun on Late Starts and the Umfriend

This thread of gay / ally hairpin-reading Jesus-y people is making my heart / vagina sing.

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By The Lady of Shalott on Some Options for Officiating a Wedding

N.B.: I work at a bridal salon, so I hear a lot of garbage. I am really ughghg tired of hearing people writing their own vows and then complaining that regular vows are boring/traditional/dull/don't express themselves. For a lot of people, reciting the same vows that everyone in their family and community have said for generations and generations is even more important. That feeling of community and commonality across time and faith can be even more important to some couples than expressing their unique love story at the ceremony.

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By playingpossum on Moms

@hallelujah @pomobabble Big hugs to both of you.Mothering is so hard - your whole being is constantly at risk. I almost lost my boy 3 weeks ago. Its hard to believe how far we have come in 22 days but the pain and fear are still so fresh for me and I fear they will remain so for some time. So affection and understanding from me and I hope we all get through it as ok as we can be xxx

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By dj pomegranate on Moms

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Seriously, it is like a superpower. All superpowers should be celebrated.

I was once in an argument about men vs. women re: superpowers. The men decided that peeing standing up was a pretty awesome superpower because it was so convenient, saved time, and was "less messy" than the ladies' plumbing. So I was all, "Pee standing up? I CAN MAKE ANOTHER HUMAN. Check and mate."

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