On Stores Your Dad Hates

Not to mention Crapplebee's.

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On These Are the World's Best Tights

A pair of American Apparel's super opaque tights has lasted me 3 years now.

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On This Blog Guilty of a 'Tiny Home Fetish'

My husband and I actually live in a tiny house. It's probably under 400 s.f., was built in the 1920's, and is somewhat remodeled. We love it! The giant front yard probably signifies that there was a larger house in front of it at some point within the past 90 years. Does that make ours a spite house? Take THAT, big house in front!

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

Canvassing on the street for nonprofit donations would make my skin crawl. I would run away screaming after 2 minutes! Also cold calling and sales would suck. Working for a deep cleaning service would be nightmarish, also teaching most ages of children, working in a hospital or cubicle, or anything corporate in general.

I am a college graduate, 33 years old, and a cook/baker/barista lifer because it's what I like. I can't think of one grownup job I might like besides being an optician. It would be fun to help people pick out the perfect pair of glasses. That, or tattooing.

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On Things I Could Do with My Ped Egg Foot Shavings

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll
Whoops, I remembered wrong. They were invented for woodworking and adopted by cooks before being offered as pedicure tools. Thanks for pointing that out!

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On Are You Part of the 16% of People Who Can't Look at This Without Screaming?

The animal pictures didn't bother me, but the lotus one sure does, and so does the honeycomb. Lotus roots are the worst, I'll freak out if I see one at the market. And I also hate when a cucumber or melon has a hole all the way down the middle. Sucks because I'm a cook, and it's hard for me to bring myself to serve a cucumber with a triangular hole all down the middle. :\

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On Things I Could Do with My Ped Egg Foot Shavings

You know what this made me think of? I learned somewhat recently that Microplane zesters were originally designed for shaving foot skin. I wonder which manicurist first looked at her shaving tool and thought, you know what this would be good for?! Shaving a nice chunk of parmigian-Reggiano into my risotto!

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@Amber I have done similar things to my own face from tipsily riding a bike... several times. I have finally learned my lesson, but one thing I do recall is that it takes surprisingly little time for those scabs to heal since they're on your face. If I remember correctly, the scabs were gone in less than a week. As for the black eye, I was once able to conceal one by just using a little extra of my favorite burgundy eyeshadow. Fast healing to you!

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On Which Is Your Allele?

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On Which Is Your Allele?

I used antiperspirant when I was younger but I far prefer the way I smell when I use perfume oil instead. You know, the little vials of scented oil you get at Whole Foods. I usually use jasmine or Amber Sandalwood, right in the pits. I smell better since I quit shaving several years ago too. Sometimes I use a Burt's Bees spray deodorant, it smells like lemon and herbs. In the PNW, nobody cares if you'd rather smell like a human being.

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