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On Beauty Secrets: Human Tears


I hope the show is Wallander. So many feelings, Netflix instant!

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

@harebell What exactly is a coinage name? I ask because my name is Cailey, pronounced like Caylee/Kaylee/etc., and I don't know if coinage refers specifically to pronunciation or if it is also related to derivation. My parents named me after the Gaelic "ceilidh" but simplified/americanized the spelling so I might, you know, make it through elementary school without utterly hating them for sticking me with something no teacher or classmate would ever pronounce correctly. Even spelled the way it is, people would say "Callie" a good portion of the time.

I'm just so torn about these baby Caylees and Kaleighs and Kaleys running around these days. Because on the one hand, I've babysat or taught a handful of little girls who shared my name, and I loved watching them light up when they discovered we had the SAME NAME. But on the other hand, I hate this trend because it's MY NAME, DAMMIT, and I've had it for 21 years and now all these little hipster babies are coming along and it's just like...no. I liked this name before it was mainstream. Before it was cool. Before mothers started shouting it to their wandering offspring in stores and airports and parking lots and confusing me every. single. time.

Anyone else have this problem? Am I the only person suffering in the face of name gentrification?

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On Leaving Westboro Baptist: An Interview

@Countess Maritza Don't beat yourself up over what you wrote. Whether or not commenters' sentiments were colored by an anti-religion, anti-christian bias, I think you make a valid point that there are many, many people whose view of this interview would be ruled by that bias. I am in no means trying to treat christians as victimized or oppressed, because claiming that christians are oppressed is akin to announcing an MRA membership. But there are some circles in which anything or anyone that/who is christian is automatically dismissed as stupid/anti-feminist/all-the-nasty-adjectives. The Hairpin may not typically be one of those places, but that's not to say that it couldn't be.

We all say stupid things on the internet. To me, at least, your comment said some smart things as well. So, don't feel bad. We all have expressed misdirected anger in comments sections before. Or if not "we all," then certainly "we many." Think, reflect, and move on knowing that at least one liberal, christian feminist enjoyed reading the comment.

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On Farewell, Jane

@Nicole Cliffe It's made that much more sad/meaningful when sung to the tune of Loreena McKennit's Highwayman song.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@RK Fire Oh, I agree. We're working on her self-confidence. I hope she can understand that not every cat looks like Grumpy Cat or Maru. The Media, man...it gets to all of us.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@bevrockin That's good to know. I've never had a problem with oiliness around my eyes--if anything, that area's always been pretty dry for me. The monistat is supposed to work because its active ingredient is dimethicone, which is the same ingredient used in urban decay primers, including the eyeshadow primer potion*, but I'm also pretty careful about what I put around my eyes. And on my face in general, since I'm pretty acne-prone. I think I've only used the chafing gel all over one time, the night of a college dance this last semester. Day to day I usually keep it to my chin, where I have some discoloration from old acne and frequent new blemishes. It seems to work especially well in covering up pimples/cysts/whatever that I've picked and and are healing, as it smoothes over the unevenness that's usually hard to hide with just concealer.

*See link: http://giddybloom.blogspot.com/2010/08/monistat-soothing-care-chafing-gel-vs.html)

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@RK Fire I mean, I am pretty excited about it. Rendered speechless. But so is Banjo. She's super excited to finally have a way to conceal those unsightly under-eye stripes.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@cmchammer And that is from my cat. Thanks for the input, Banjo!

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

I know this has been mentioned on the Hairpin before--actually, I think that's where I found out about it--but MONISTAT CHAFING GEL. Use it instead of Urban Decay primer. Save all the moneys. I suppose I should add a disclaimer that 1. I've never actually used Urban Decay and 2. I use my gel under concealer or foundation, rather than on my eyes. But I've heard people recommend it for eyeshadow as well. Perhaps the rest of the commentariat can speak to this?

The anti-chafing gel definitely works for me. Though the best part is definitely being able to say to my boyfriend, sister, friends, and strangers on the street that "I have vagina cream on my face!"

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