On Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway I know it's not one of the brands you mentioned, but I love, love, LOVE my 2007 ford focus wagon. I initially went with the wagon because according to my insurance company, a 4 door hatchback would have been considered a sport vehicle and have cost more? I don't know. So now I have a car that's <1 foot longer than I intended, and have driven it to the coast 3 times, put 160 000 km on it, and have moved across the country with it without any major repairs.

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On Friday Open Thread

@staircases Thanks for the advice, everybody! I am seeing him next weekend and will try to see if we can agree on shorter conversations more often, or letters or something else his analog self would be capable of.

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On Friday Open Thread

Friends, I am attempting my first long distance relationship and it is making me into a crazy person! It doesn't help that my partner has an exhausting job with long hours that literally prevents him from using a phone (he's a surgery intern), but also that he is just not a texter/phone person in any way to begin with. I'm doing my best with interrupting destructive thought patterns before they take over, but any advice/commiseration/sappy love song recommendations would be more than welcome!

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On "Light chaff and falling leaves or a pair of feathers"

This was wonderful. I'm not usually a reader of poetry - thanks Hairpin!

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On Sensual Shampoos, UTIs, and a "Mutual Love of M*A*S*H"

@leon s This is interesting! When I read the letter, I don't at all get the idea that it's her that is having the crush. More that she's afraid that he might be the one with the feelings.

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On Sensual Shampoos, UTIs, and a "Mutual Love of M*A*S*H"

LW4, granted, I am no expert on marriage. But I would think a part of your answer here would maybe be talking to your husband and seeing how he feels about you spending time with this person. Is he cool with it? Does it make him uncomfortable? Maybe the three of you could hang out together and then he can see that it is NBD?

Unless, maybe, you are thinking (since it sounded like you mentioned in your letter that he is currently single) that he still harbors romantic intentions for you. In this case, I still feel like if your husband is down, the three of you should hang out, and your friend can see how wonderful your husband is and how happy he makes you, and that any romantic yearnings he still has can be redirected to a more suitable target. Or, he can realize that his romantic yearnings for you are eating away at him and a platonic friendship with you is not something he can do. Yearnings.

I've been in this exact situation (I suppose I was the guy), and you can navigate this, you can do it. But everyone has to be clear about what they want and feel secure.

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On Help for a Costume Wedding

I also have fantasies of getting to dress up as Selina Kyle in that Dark Knight Rises scene where she seduces Batman on the dance floor, and having it be appropriate for the occaision

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On Help for a Costume Wedding

Ursula from The Little Mermaid! Just imagine: floor-length sequin gown, big red lips, and a white wig!

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On The Period Pie

The word and concept of "chocolate" is conspicuously absent from this pie chart.

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On Checking in With the Billionaires

@teaandcakeordeath Russian Nesting Houses?

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