On Stipulations for a Contemporary Will

Can I just say, this was magical. There will be soft triple creme brie with delicious meats and chutneys and endless toast points in heaven. And wine. All the wine.

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On April Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

@meetapossum Late to the party here but yes, NEEDED that.

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On Costumes

I'm hyperventilating and also only caught onto one tiny completely irrelevant detail -- THE MOUSE AND THE MAYFLOWER!! That shit is about my ancestors! (they are the humans featured in the movie, not the mice)

But also the rest was lovely too!

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On The Hanging Rope Planter Redemption

This is the first time I've ever actually wanted to make one of the creations you two lovely ladies attempt!! I could hang one of these from my porch! How do I doooo ittttt

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On Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

I went on a gold spray paint SPREE before the weather turned! I bought a can... and suddenly everything not nailed down in my living room got a coating. It's addicting stuff. The curtain rods, the hardware on all of the furniture, a plastic skull, a foam pumpkin, all of the lamps, a few vases... maybe next I'll get a DINO! Good job ladies!!

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On Elsa’s Coming Out Party

this is totally off topic, but when they first announced that Elsa's sister would "need an act of true love to thaw her heart," I bounced up and down on the couch going, "I HOPE IT'S SISTERLY LOVE I HOPE IT'S SISTERLY LOVE!!!!" and then it was. I'm just so proud of Disney for coming so far with their heroines, even if it's not nearly far enough.

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On Picture Books for Grownups: A Conversation With the Author of Are You My Boyfriend?

This is lovely. We (my family) used to give a copy of "Oh the Places You'll Go" to all graduating seniors but now I think I'll just give 'em this. Much more helpful.

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On The Best Time I Said Yes to Everything for a Week and Ended Up Having Bad Sex (Twice), Going Camping and Contracting Shingles

@alliepants jigga WHAT? Like, in yo pants shingles? That sounds so scary

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On Talking to Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, "Story Architects" for Young Adult Literature

As someone who has always had absolutely zero desire to write but a completely unquenchable appetite for reading, I am thrilled to hear about this! Namely because it gives me a whole list of books to go out and get so I can snuggle up during snow-maggedon part deux. Quick everyone, name your favorite YA novels!

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@holly hobby A lot of these syptoms sound like my sister's MS syptoms, which were misdiagnosed for years. It's hard to diagnose because it could be so many other things (have you been out in the woods lately? It could by Lyme's!) but once she eventually nailed down the diagnoses the symptoms are easier to manage. All of the different pains, numbness or tingles and lightheaded-ness could be connected through your spinal column so go get an MRI! See a neurologist!

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