On Friday Open Thread

I told my family that I'm leaving my partner. I also told all of my friends. Everyone has been really supportive? which is nice?

He's demanding that we get couples' counseling, because apparently it's All My Fault. I laughed at that and have been putting off making an appointment (which is my job, obvs--after he assaulted me, clearly *I* am the one at fault). I told one of my closest friends about the whole couples' counseling gambit and she sighed and said that it was textbook for DV and that going to couples' counseling after an act like what happened to me had been committed was like "negotiating with the terrorists after they've killed all the hostages." She advised me to stick with individual therapy and walk the fuck away, and that's what I'm doing.

Things complicating this: I have a cat that I cannot take with me to new place (pets-free, though it's only until June), breaking up with him means leaving my other partner because they're also involved, new roommates are weird? but WHATEVER. FREEEEEEDOM.

I'm going to be single 5EVA and I love it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Gin-tastic NICE. Because it's, um, nice?

kidding, though it is awesome. I also really liked Avignon.

Basically the south of France is awesome, is what I'm saying.

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On Friday Open Thread

@crane your neck I'm moving into a new apartment tomorrow. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

Well, over the last, um, month? my relationship has imploded in a bad way and I'm moving into my own place in less than a week (I get the keys next Monday or Tuesday). it's my 26th birthday today and I admitted in therapy (which I've ended up in, again) that my partner is abusive.

I'm supposed to go out with friends tonight. none of them know about my partner. it's going to be "fun".

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On Friday Open Thread

@zamboni Weird, it's my birthday, too. Conceived on Valentine's high-five? ;)

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On A Scary Story by Laura van den Berg: "The river freezes. The child is everywhere, all the time."

Oh my God I love Kelly Link so much, I cannot even.

If you haven't read Magic For Beginners you must do so, now--the titular story is free to read online and it's one of the best story collections I've ever read.

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On Friday Open Thread

@professionalmess My boyfriend and I lived apart for the first two and a half years of our relationship, and we're getting hitched eventuallyish. (No rush, we've been together a long-ass time.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@planforamiracle I find that being like, "I think you are super-duper nifty and I would like to take you out for coffee" works pretty well. Clearly state your intentions (that it's a date) and be polite if they're like, "sorry, not into women!" or "Yeah, I'm not interested." Just don't be vague about it (i.e. if it doesn't go well don't play it off like it was just 'hanging out') and you'll be OK.

If you're really nervous about it, stick to typical date-y things, like, "Would you like to get dinner and see a movie?" or whatever. It's hard but it's worth it!

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On Friday Open Thread

@daisicles I thought the sequel was a lot better!

I second the Sandman suggestion, and would also tell you to check out Transmetropolitan. It's awesome. Most of Warren Ellis's stuff is great, actually. :D

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On Friday Open Thread

@SmartCookie Go, if they call you a fake geek girl tell the moderator and get 'em booted. Or alternately laugh in their face and say, "THIS IS WHY YOU ARE SINGLE".

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