On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

THIS IS AMAZING. I'm 100% excited for more of this series. And this is a really good trick. For some reason I can do great liquid liner on other people but on myself it gets jacked up and uneven so I'm going to try this next time. Also does the concealer on the eyes help with greasy lids? Because that is a huge problem of mine and the only thing that worked perfectly was the laura mercier eye basics stuff but it also started to give me a horrible rash on my eyelids so if there is a better trick I want to know!

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On "Zayn Malik puts strain on UK economy as hundreds of workers demand compassionate leave"

@Jazmine Hughes you may have seen this already but just in case, today is the day I realized Danny Devito starred in a One Direction video

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I was on the pill from 16-19 and had pretty good results from it. I went off it when I broke up with my then boyfriend and just did condoms for a few years, which I hated (not the condoms themselves, as they are super important for sti prevention but the fact that I was using them on their own, it felt riskier than condoms + the pill/another method which is what I had always done before).

Then when I was 22 I got a Paragard, the copper IUD. I picked it because I was no longer the type of person to diligently remember to take the pill at the same time like I used to, the pill I had been on before had gotten some messed up reviews and I was nervous about trying it again and not having as good a reaction as before, and I wanted something more effective and the IUD is one of the most reliable options. I still have it and I'm very pleased mostly because I totally forget it exists and I haven't gotten knocked up yet, so, that's good.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

@talie There is makeup science for it but I'm not makeup knowledgable enough to recall what they are sadly. However I know for a fact there are like, light reflecting primers and stuff that will cover all this up. Try looking for pore minimizing products at sephora, there is stuff you can put straight on as well as layer under a foundation that will hide any large pores.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

@Plant Fire You're not wasting your time necessarily, it wont make your pores any smaller but lots of people find it helps clear up their skin. And it's fun to use. And sometimes they can make your pores appear temporarily smaller but it wont have any long term effects.

That goop in your pores is probably sebaceous filaments! Lots (most) people have them, they are just more or less obvious on different skin types (oily skin and large pores make them more noticeable). The bad news is they are permanent (some more info is here. The good news is you can reduce their appearance with BHAs (the salicylic acid will exfoliate within the pore and clean everything out).

Some people also find they have good luck with oil cleansing (specifically a light steaming followed by massaging your face with oil and then washing off). Some people have good luck with AHAs although thats less effective for this sort of thing because AHAs exfoliate the top layer of your skin and not inside the pore (but, they make your skin super soft). If you're looking for a good AHA try Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixr.

The worst thing you can do for pore gunk is squeeze them or use blackhead strips. Both of those damage your pores which can make them larger over time which will make all that goop more obvious. Also blackhead strips are not great for your capillaries.

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I wish there was something like the Bechdel test for this. It would be really interesting and illuminating to see which shows hold up, and how many (even though we already know the answer is not enough).

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On Kim Kardashian: Model, Actress, Mogul, Fashionista, Wife, Mother, Lover, Coder

YES 100% YES

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

@talie so, bad news, the only thing that will genuinely reduce the size of your pores is Accutane, which does come with some horrifying side effects so maybe talk to your doctor first. Also it only does this as long as your using it, once you've stopped over time they will go back to normal (part of pore size is hereditary, part is skin type, and part is damage cause by messing with your skin through stuff like those blackhead strips).

However, while it won't permanently reduce their size one thing known to reduce their appearance is BHA exfoliants, aka salicylic acid as it exfoliates within the pore and clears everything out. Most products containing this don't have the right amount or pH to be effective but two that do are the paulas choice BHA products (I have the BHA liquid and it's great) and the stridex pads in the red box (red box only). Just a warning the stridex stuff had a bunch of menthol in it so if you have sensitive skin maybe pass on that (the menthol made me break out really badly after a few weeks).

After that the only thing left is pore minimizing makeup, like those light reflector things? You can find them at CVS or sephora or wherever, but I don't know of any specific products off the top of my head.

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On Rihanna, "FourFiveSeconds"


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On Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

Oh my gosh I love that you brought this sErie back. I'm always so curious about what is in people's bags, this way I can be nosy in a normal appropriate way.

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