On I Can't Wear Heels

I have giant feet, so opposite problem (so many cute shoes that stop at a 10).
I am pretty good at walking in heels, even high ones (sometimes higher is easier than the low ones). But I do not walk in heels on the sidewalk if I can help it! Sidewalks are uneven and shift at weird angles and have holes and seams in them that will catch the heel of your shoe and cause you to fall/ruin your shoes. (having said this, I have totally worn heels on soft ground and on wooden floors with holes between the boards big enough for the heel to go in, the trick is to go slowly and have an escort)

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On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

@Plexia So, to me, that read as the sort of "everyone knows how to deal with snow" naivete that so many of us who are from snowy climes have. She assumed that there would be plows, that was an incorrect assumption born of her limited experience. Similarly, I didn't read the thing about the clothes hanging to dry as necessarily judgmental, but it is an adjustment if you are a middle-class American. Dryers are a lot more common here, and the mental image most of us have is of clothes drying outside in the sun. Which obviously doesn't work in the winter or in damp climates, but it is sort of a shock if it's not something you've ever thought about.

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On #Ferguson on Day Five

Seriously. College kids do more damage after major sporting events. And the police brought dogs and riot gear to the first night of protests. They were anticipating violence; in fact, I think they were hoping for it.

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On A Man in Ferguson Defends the Looting

"a riot is the language of the unheard"
What's surprising is not that there are riots in Ferguson, it's that there aren't riots in every city in America every day. I'm not a violent person, and I don't generally believe that violence or the destruction of property are useful or productive actions, but damn, if my kids were getting killed in the street on a regular basis, I might tip over a car or two. Because when no one in power seems to give a shit, what the fuck else are you supposed to do?

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On Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift

But Thin Mints are Thin Mints everywhere, which is as it should be, because Thin Mints are the only GS Cookies worth $4/box.

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

@TheMnemosyne I wouldn't go that far. Depending on where you live, there are cool people on OKC, you just have to weed through all the losers. I have gone on a few OKC dates, and the dates themselves were okay, even if they didn't result in good relationships (one of them was a rebound that helped me get out of a shitty relationship AND connected me with my current friends group, so that turned out alright). I've had better luck dating people I know as friends, but there are obviously some risks and problems there too.

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

@TheMnemosyne Yeah, I list myself as kinky on mine, and I get a lot of people assuming that means "easy".
I have made this complaint a lot, and an ex-boyfriend of mine explained that basically, dudes see a picture they like (they MIGHT read the profile, but not always) and they send a proposition message. It's a "cast a wide net" approach to dating. If you say "nice shoes, wanna fuck" to 100 girls, 99 of them will probably say no, but one might say yes, and all you need is one, especially if you invested very little effort in your approach.
So, I think the answer is, it's not you, it's the system.

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On Ask a Psychic

@Das Rad I think you make absolutely valid points. And hey, this resulted in an actual discussion on the Hairpin, which we were just bemoaning the recent lack of in the Friday Open Thread.

I never know if psychics actually believe that they are psychic, or if they are all fully conscious of their con artistry. The part of me that wants to believe the best in people believes that there are at least *some* practicing psychics out there who really believe that they have some special perception. But I know there are also psychics and fortune-tellers who are just full-on con artists playing on people's hopes and fears. Maybe she really believes she's psychic, maybe she's just observant and good at reading people and decided to make a career of it after seeing an episode of Psych.

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On Ask a Psychic

@Das Rad I think there is something to be said for interviews that accept people's experiences as being their experiences, whether or not there is objective proof of those experiences. There have also been interviews on here with clergy and practitioners of various religions, and those interviews accept that the interviewee believes they have the connection with their deity they say they do.
In terms of being a charlatan - if someone wants to pay a self-professed psychic money for a reading and use it as a way to guide their choices, I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that. A psychic who is always predicting gloom or diagnosing curses that only she can lift is clearly a con artist who is out to make a buck, but sometimes people just want someone to tell them that things are going to work out, or to take a chance on something they really want, and if the person they turn to is a psychic, fine. I have friends who do their own tarot readings, not necessarily as reliable oracles of the future, but rather as ways to find out how they feel about certain choices in their lives.

You don't have to believe that Ms. Bruckmann (or anyone else) is psychic, but that doesn't mean it can't be interesting to hear her talk about it as a fact.

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On Andiamo!

I just renewed my passport, so I'm in.

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