On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

BEST. REVIEW. EVER. Also, Lisa, you remind me eerily of myself. Kudos!! : D

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On Investigating Old Stuff on the Internet With Laura Hazard Owen

i totally had one of those frog kits too! We got a tadpole and got to watch him grow up. I got mine in second grade, and named him Kermit. I brought him in for show and tell one day, and decided to clean his water. I was then taught the difference between chlorinated water and non-chlorinated water (we had our own well at home, thus, non-chlorinated). I remember a teary visit to the principal's office and a phone call home... rip kermit!

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On Pros and Cons of Dating: Someone You Work With

just had to put my 2 cents in, since I'm happily married with a former (and sometimes current) co-worker; we're both animators and we originally met on a show we were both working on (we worked for 6 months with each other before dating). When we first started dating, we kept it a HUGE hush hush secret at our studio (since we all knew the dangers of inter-office/ hell, inter-industry dating), but looking around, we realized that most of our friends are dating/married/engaged within the animation community, and now we're on a "if they ask, we'll tell, but we're not going to do any PDA in an office setting" with relationship secrecy. Most people just know at this point.

Re: lots of inner-industry marriages/dating- I'm not sure if it's a result of our specific industry being very small. The biggest pros are being able to bring and recommend each other onto projects (although based off our talent, we tend not to disclose our marriage until the other is hired), helping each other out with freelance/ being able to critique each other's work professionally, and we understand each other's schedules, social circles, income level, etc. We will occasionally work on the same project from time to time, which is awesome for carpooling and always having a lunch buddy!

The biggest con is that neither of us have any benefit of a steady income or reliable job (animation is mostly project to project, and any perks of a "real" job (health benefits, 501k, retirement, etc) is pretty much nil), so we're facing the challenge of trying to figure out how to go about getting a house/ have kids, etc on both of us being in a creative, transient career path.

This all being said, here's to 2+ years of blissful marriage to my best friend! : D I'm so happy I took that chance, and it's the best decision I've ever made! If they're the right one, it's worth the risk.

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