On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit Ugh, I sympathize. I saw a gastroenterologist the other day, and he believes in gluten sensitivity, which I'm about 98% sure that I have (many of them are all, "celiac or GTFO," apparently), which is a good thing. Except, in order to do the blood test and endoscopy, I have to eat some gluten every day for a month beforehand, which is...not so much a good thing. So I'm chowing down on samosas (yay!) and waiting for the bloating, "digestive distress," more severe migraines, and possible weight gain (not yay). Anyway, I hope you find some relief very soon!

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On Middlemarch Is a Sexy Novel About Sex

As a 20-year Middlemarch fan, I love this so, so much! If I didn't have former coworkers and/or religiously conservative folks galore among my Facebook friends, I'd be sharing the hell out of this everywhere!

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On Friday Open Thread

Iceberg, are you still around? I have become so completely spoiled and am now experiencing Bergy Bits report withdrawal.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sun Tongs Welcome! I'm also a Jezebellian transplant. Adorable puppies!

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On Friday Open Thread

@lasso tabasco My favorite is lagman: http://arbuz.com/recipes/lagman-recipe (Full disclosure--this is my friend's blog.) Unfortunately, it seems that I have a gluten sensitivity, which means that I'm going to have to use rice noodles instead of homemade wheat noodles, which are the best part. But it'll take a lot less time, on the bright side! And it's always tasty--like Central Asian pho.

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On The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

When I was a teenager, I babysat for a two-year-old with awful parents who incidentally named him John Thomas. I think they thought it sounded British and therefore really classy.

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On How to Throw a Georgian-Era Christmas Party

@Qlirim2 Faleminderit! Më pëlqen muzika shqiptare!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Gulf of Finland Mine snorfles oranges when he eats them. He also sounds very petulant when he coughs, even though he's not petulant. He also sees no need whatsoever to wash the outsides of pots and pans or the bottom of dishes.

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On Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

@stonefruit YES.

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On Friday Open Thread

@loren smith Thanks!! I did check out myehealth for Ontario, but I think I'm going to wimp out and not figure out how to sign in, because even if they DO have my results there, I may not know how to interpret them, and I could just freak myself out further over the weekend. But it's great to know that such a resource exists!

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