On Scrub?

Girl, get some. When I met Mr. Norrey he had been kicked out of college and was working at a car parts store, which he then got fired from 6 months later. Sometimes shit happens, and sometimes people are broke, and sometimes people willfully abandon the life capitalism sets out for them. If your dreams are connected then it doesn't much matter where you/they are at now.

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On Things Significantly Worse Than a Fight at the Roosevelt Island Garden Club

@hallelujah Right? It's incredibly scary to think about, even for me and I know that I have a much bigger safety net then lots of women.

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On Things Significantly Worse Than a Fight at the Roosevelt Island Garden Club

The piece on child care makes me so unbelievably angry. Our system specifically targets poor and minority women by reducing access to reproductive health and choice, and then makes it impossible to safely raise children without significant (and unrealistic) financial burdens. It all but guarantees that the oppressed will stay that way, because it's hard to focus on change when you're worried about how to put a roof over your head or if the person you left your baby with kill them.

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On Bi Identification, Moving Out, and the Rhinestone-Encrusted Manicure

I don't want to sound insensitive, and I don't know a whole lot about the BDSM community, so if someone could please elaborate on the master/slave relationship thing for me? I've known people who've participated in them and they have all ended up in similar positions to LW 1. Is there a healthy way of doing it? Are there some accepted rules in the BDSM community about how to do it safely? The whole concept kind of bothers me, but again, I'm not very educated about this issue.

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On Jess Walter's 'Beautiful Ruins' Is Going To Be a [Great] Movie

I want a movie of The Middlesteins so badly.

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On Remembering Lilith: Tracy Chapman

For the record, I do not cry often, and I am sitting here at my desk on my lunch hour with tears running down my face. I remember my mother, when I was a little girl, listening to "Behind the Wall" and crying and I asked her why. She just said "The world can be hard for us, Norrey, you'll know that one day."

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On A Student Tells Me “I Would Do Anything, And I Do Mean Anything, For a C”

This is so great. I'm an Academic Advisor, and I get lots, LOTS, of tearful "I don't know what I did wrong" conversations after grades come out. Did you turn in every assignment? Go to every class? Study for every test? Seek help when you were confused? No? Well, there's your answer.

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On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

Highly sexed young men living on farms are always called Seth or Reuben.

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@iceberg For real - in their entire discussion there was not *one* solid, logical reason for why allowing same gender partners to marry would in any way effect "traditional" marriage. I honestly have a lot more frustration with this movement then with people who just admit that they don't believe gay and lesbian people to be fully human, because at least they aren't wrapping up dog poo in pretty wrapping paper and calling it perfume.

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