On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@Dandyliongirl Yes! More Ask A Glutton, please!

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@robotosaur Oh my god, this sounds totally amazing. Absolutely making these at the very next opportunity.

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On What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

@olivebee Ha. Not that I get to vote in your election, but I got 97% Jill Stein, 88% Barack Obama and...a grand total of 2% Mitt Romney. Darn foreigners and our radical left-wing views.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

Oh god, WHY must New Zealand persist with being SO FAR AWAY from everywhere?


(Congratulations, Jane!)

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On The Day My Shrink Told Me to Change My Personality

@entangled One of my friends is so habitually sarcastic (and therefore difficult to read correctly) that, when he told me he was gay, I thought he was making some sort of weird joke. Awkward and confusing!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas I do that too! They usually get posted right before we get to our respective workplaces in the morning; as soon as I get to my desk and do the requisite morning FB/news sites/Hairpin check, I send the latest SoCH on to him.

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On Friday Open Thread

@quickdrawkiddo I really try not to, although I've been absolutely crippled by guilt at times over the last year and a half, which has led to me being more...tolerant, I guess...of her than anyone around me seems to believe possible. Part of the problem is that she and I were also pretty good friends before this whole shitstorm went down (yes. I am a terrible person. I know!) and she has moved back and forth since between hating me and thinking I'm a giant whore, and wanting to stay friends and hang out and do girly friend stuff. Confusing.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Megano! This totally makes sense, although I kind of feel like, if they're in contact, I'd rather know about it than have it be this secret thing that happens when I can't see? I mean, clearly he's entitled to privacy, and it's not like I want to read his texts or anything, but if it's happening I'd rather be aware of it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@armyofskanks Yeah, sometimes because I'm the only one of the three of us who seems to find this whole situation bothersome, it makes me think at times that I'm being almost gaslit into thinking that I'm the weird, unreasonable one here...it's always helpful to hear that other people agree with me!

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On Friday Open Thread

And! The thing is that I don't want them to cut off ALL contact, either. I'm totally fine with her existence in his/my/our lives...just not to this extent. Because they were together for such a long time, they basically have all the same friends, so expecting them to never see each other is unrealistic. It's just that she still basically treats him like he's her boyfriend...depends on him for emotional support (ie rings him to complain about how much she hates the guy she's sleeping with now)...randomly txts him about irrelevant cute stuff...it's weird.

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