By Tandy Byrd@facebook on Sympathy for Liz

Well, what I want to know is, what was in a Reader's Digest that would convince an eight -year-old to be pro-choice? I loved RD when I was that age (mostly for the Word Power and "I coulda died" stories) and I remember feeling sort of scandalized to learn how right-wing it was. It was an "Aslan....is Jesus???" moment for me. Sounds like the RD propaganda didn't work on either one of us, thankfully.

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By fruiting body on Sympathy for Liz

This was fantastic. I wish you much happiness in your future marriage. Maybe the psychic meant you would CONTINUE to be married late in life? Like it will last until 87? I hope so!

Also: To this day, she believes she’s the only mother to rip reading material out of her child’s hands and order her to go outside and play.

Haha my mom had to do that, too.

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By fabel on Sympathy for Liz

This is so great! I love it.

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By Quinn A@twitter on Sympathy for Liz

I love this.

A "psychic" told me I had not yet met the person I would spend my life with...the week my much-loved girlfriend moved in with me. I have dismissed it based on the fact that she probably just assumed I was single because I pass for straight and she saw me with two women who also pass for straight. But there was definitely a moment of horror there. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE PERSON IS SINGLE?!

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By babs on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

Am I the only one here who would ace the interview solely because I was drunk?

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By missannethrope on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

Hey Gals, I have news for you - feelings of doubt and inadequacy never end, but there is hope. I'm a 51 year old lady lawyer and every time I hear about one of my law school classmates' amazing accomplishments I think OMG I'm such a failure I haven't done anything in my career. Plus, I don't have kids and that routinely makes me think OMG I'm such a failure I don't have kids I'm worthless. Etcetera. Objectively, my life is awesome, but feelings of inadequacy learned in early childhood and reinforced in adolescence and young adulthood are really hard to shake. The only thing that has helped me achieve some sense of peace with myself thus far is Buddhism. Y'all should check it out.

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By Molly F@twitter on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

Once I went to use the bathroom in the lobby of my office, saw someone waiting to use it, who I recognized, said hello, and then realized it was Kristen Schaal and I knew her from TV, not real life. Then I had to wait with her for five minutes while she waited for her friend to be done. I think I said something brilliant like "ummm waiting for the bathroom."

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By whoabecca on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

So delightful to read! Thanks for sharing.

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By Angry Panda on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

@aphrabean I just wanted to say I love your personal motto. Mine is more of a "Go on the best you can, and hope to die very soon (I was really counting on those Mayans, damn!)", but yours is so much nicer. :-)

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By dabbyfanny on A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

One day I will write an article called "the Worst Time I Had a Campus Interview at The University of Georgia". Oh. My. God. That agony lasted for two and a half days, people.

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