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On Like a (Book) Virgin

This idea has been sort of rolling around in my brain for awhile, actually, because I'm tutoring for a class where everyone just read Italo Calvino's If On A Winter's Night A Traveler for the first time, and I keep wishing I could go back and savor the rewarding disorientation and amazement that I experienced reading it for the first time.

Sometimes I wonder if I wait long enough between readings, it'll feel the same... Not sure it's worked yet.

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I was scrolling and thinking, "All I really want to see is a picture of Ira Glass on the dance floor." And as I scrolled, there it was. Thank you.

@Jane Marie, you are beautiful and have wonderful taste.

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On Did You Notice The Way Joyce Ramsay Pronounced "Massacre?"

Well, I'm never opening a door again.

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On Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

In love with his hippie friend.

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On Your Destiny, Your iPhone (-Pad, -Pod Touch)

iTunes store credit made me do it.

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On Good Morning! Nicki Minaj's Awesome "Super Bass" Video

after watching this video, i feel like Nicki is the cool older girl that i want to be friends with, and i'll do anything she tells me to do.

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On It's About the Time I Got A Black Fly in My Chardonnay

I have a feeling this is going to be like rain* on your wedding day.


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On Is Your Name Slutty, Vanessa/Chris?

I dated a Chris. Suddenly, so much is clear. Or... more confusing. Is there a chart to describe my feelings?

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On Birth Order and You, and Him, and Her

what does Linda Blair know? she's not really a clinical psychologist, she's just some girl that was possessed by a demon.

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On Do You Wear Underwear Under Leggings and Tights?

I always wear underwear under leggings and tights. I think it's a security thing. Clothing that thin makes me feel as thought I need layers.

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