On Advice For Writing; Or, What I Know So Far, Which Might Actually Be Nothing At All

Little breaks every so many words, getting closer and closer together.

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On Let This Champagne Bottle Explain How 75% of Men Come Within 3 Minutes

@ColdFinger Yep, here's an article about it in the Indy: http://ind.pn/161xb9I I can't help but be suspicious about how it's going to play out.

I liked all the fruit vaginas in the video, stuff like this will probably be unavailable to me soon D:

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On A Rule Is a Rule: A Day Among the Millinery at Royal Ascot

@Briony Fields hah! Just saw it

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On Ancient Egyptian Statue Demands Bread, Beer and Beef

@muralgirl I love that Prof. Brian Cox chimed in with an explanation, National Consultant on Matters Weird.

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On April 16

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@parallel-lines as soon as thinking 'how quick, how easy!' whilst eating a crap packed lunch, I remembered the one time I did a detox diet with my mum for laffs and gave myself a bladder infection, couldn't speak properly, and had to go to hospital - too late for the edit. Maybe bodies just aren't meant to run at optimum efficiency. I hope your plan works though! I've sort of become resigned to always having slight tummy ache.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@parallel-lines I would totally try it. Lunch on the go! Horrible, but at least it's good for you! Unlike a soggy sandwich/cuppa-soup.

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

@missupright hah, maybe it is then, Manchester is often a bit like a damp cloth. I can't imagine anyone being offended though...

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On Owls vs. Larks

@Maryaed me too! I was definitely not as a teenager, but now I can't sleep past 8 ever, and actually enjoy getting up at 6, 5...even 4!? It's annoying at the moment because I live in a tiny flat with a mezzanine bedroom, so if I want to get up and do some writing and stuff before work I have to make a den in the bathroom so as not to wake my boyfriend up. I just assumed it was because I'm at that common stage of working full time in a shop and also having 'projects on the go' so being up early makes it feel like there's loads of time to get everything done...and then by evening it's clear that there wasn't enough time to get everything done. I also sleep talk and walk a lot, any other early rising sleep walkers out there?

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On Qreamed Quorn

I'm feeling oddly protective of Quorn, it's just such a good meat substitute in anything where you would otherwise cook mince in tomatoes! Oh, Quorn, not a dessert food.

Sentimentality towards manufactured foodstuffs aside, this was funny.

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